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The most interesting thing I read is that structural barriers are better documented than psychological hurdles to climate change behaviors. Though, people still continue to hold on to psychologically hampered actions that do not compel climate change.

One of the main things I learnt is that climate change is real. The most surprising thing is that it is not an overrated. Asked to rank climate change against other problems, I would have given it the lowest priority. Now I know that it is as big an issue as the other issues. Little individual actions positively or negatively contribute largely on the climate change. Our choices today have more effect on the future of our environment. To better the future generation’s world, we need to know and act on the exact habits that influence the environment positively. Personally, I thought that I can change my behaviors into more environmental friendly ones afterward. I underestimated the extent of my actions today on the environment in future.

Before, I thought that climate change was automatic and not really human triggered and it did not matter what we human beings do. After all, the world is way too complex to be altered by humans. My change alone seemed futile in this huge globe. But it is individual changes that count. Unfortunately, I expected the paper would cover simple norms that we can change, adopt or drop in our everyday in favor of the environment. As much as I have made up my mind to be involved, I am still not certain what to do about it. Hence, I would highly recommend that we get informed on our role in climate change. This role I would like it to be followed and observed by all in order to have a good climate in our societies.


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