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A child is a bundle of joy. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that this will only hold if having the child had been planned for. At this time in my life, I would unequivocally be ill prepared to have and raise a child. In as much as I am an adult by law, I may not be psychologically prepared to devote my time and channel all my energy towards a baby.My perception of the world at this time encompasses dependence onmy parents for financing my studies and my upkeep. Summer jobs and other ways of earning money cannot suffice to sustainably and comfortably support a child. It is hard for a child to depend on somebody who is dependant on another person. Such a person will not meet all the needs of the child hence placing me in an awkward position. I will be struggling to ask my parents for what I need as well as what the baby needs. It will be a great blow to my ego and it may affect my self esteem. I am also still in need of parental advise and therefore I will have little to pass on to my child at this age.

There is more to raising a child than just buying its food and clothing. I cannot at this time in life afford to split my attention between books and the affairs of a child. A child who is below five years of age has a tendency to fall sick very often. Therefore, I might spend more time in the hospitals than in the lecture halls worrying about the child more than my education. Furthermore, I would also find myself caught up in looking for a baby sitter when I have to attend camps, go to parties and even attend lectures. The thought of getting a stranger(baby sitter) as well as the effort used to look for a baby sitter is emotionally draining. It is beyond a shadow of doubt all this will affect my academic performance. A baby will exert undue fiscal pressure in my life. I will be unable to plan for its future when I do not know how mine will be. Having a baby at the right time is when one is in a position to provide the best medical care and education you can afford for your child. At this time I need education and not to provide one for someone else.

My social life will definitely be affected since I will have more responsibilities than an average student. I will have to avoid youth meetings and other activities that may require my physical presence and opt to take care of my baby. This would mean that I will miss out on a typical student life. Having a baby will curtail my freedom and inhibit my process of social growth and development. My circle of friends will definitely shrink and I might find myself in the company of older people whose lives have nothing in common with mine apart from having a child. This will leave me with less to talk about with both my new found company of older friends and my friend who are my age mates.The advancement of my career and studies my meet a lot of antagonism if I have a child at this time. This can be exemplified by the limited number of geographical areas which I will be restricted to. I will be forced to be confined to a certain radius that is not so far away from my child. I will not be able to work extra hours or even at night comfortably since the child needs me to be close-by. I may also be compelled to live with the mother of my child just because we have a child together. There is high likelihood that I may not love the mother as much as to spend the rest of my life with her. In fact, at this age I am not ready for marriage. I will be compelled to stay close to the child to give it paternal love even if I do not love the mother. My life will probably end up in misery since I will not lead a happy life. Chances of divorce will increase by the day and my marriage to the mother of my child may fail at an early age.

Given all these antagonistic consequences that will gravitate towards stalling my career development, happiness, social and economic development , I deem it wise not to have a child at this point in life.


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