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When President Barrack Obama took office in 2009, he promised the American people of his ambitions to end overdependence of the United States of America on foreign oil. There has been a considerable progress in overcoming this major problem of our nation. However, in March 2010, he pushed forward this ambition and stopped the drilling of oil at the Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Coast, and Alaska (Aldridge, 2009).

In my opinion, the U.S should continue pursuing this goal of reducing its dependence on foreign oil. It is a viable mission that can be achieved through the adequate government support and dedication. To support the feasibility of this goal, statistics from records of Energy Administration and Regulatory Agencies have shown that the U.S oil dependency rate reduced for the first time after a period of more than thirteen years in January 2012. The dependency level on foreign oil dropped to less than fifty percent (Letcher, 2008).

In my view, if the U.S does not exploit its own sources of energy, then our economy will continue worsening due to huge public expenditures on foreign oil. Such huge sums of money can be invested in more productive sectors of the economy such as alternative energy sources or can be used in provision of essential public utilities and amenities such as healthcare services, education, improved infrastructure and decent housing. Other sources of clean energy such as solar energy, clean coal, natural liquid gases and bio-fuels are more economical and environmentally friendly. Similarly, natural gas in readily available and can be easily tapped without using up domestic economic resources wastefully.

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Exploration and extraction of alternative sources of energy have huge economic benefits such as reduction in hydrocarbon emissions into the environment, increased national security as a result of fewer linkages with the unfriendly, oil-producing Arab nations, reduced energy shortages and efficient utilization and management of public funds and resources (Farret & Simoes, 2006). Additionally, domestic production of fuel will ensure increased efficiency and reliability in supply of energy. More than eighty percent of the U.S total expenditure on energy will be saved, and annual deficits in the national budget shall be reduced. It will also shield the nation from price hikes and undesirable price manipulations by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

In my opinion, the government can encourage domestic harnessing of clean energy sources through offering incentives to fuelling stations that already have natural gas pumps. This would encourage more industry players to invest in the clean energy sector.

Key Habits That Hinder My Thinking

The key habits that might considerably hinder my thinking include prejudice, presumptions and negligence. There is high possibility of having prejudiced attitudes towards the views of others. I might feel that the oil tycoons and billionaires are merely reaping money from our economy without necessarily considering the impacts of importing oil. One may also assume that politicians will always disagree with policies of their opponents. However, at times, their disagreements may be logical. Through negligence, I may ignore the fact that the U.S may not have the appropriate technology to facilitate domestic production of fuels and clean energy.

Last but not least, I may assume that the U.S government was over-ambitious for its goals to eradicate overdependence on foreign oil. It did not take into consideration the possible challenges, drawbacks, and constraints that might be faced in pursuit of this dream.

Overcoming These Habits That Hinder Thinking

I would overcome these thinking hindrances through the detailed analysis of the issue at hand. I would evaluate all the alternatives and carry out adequate researches that would assist in finding a solution to the fuel problem. In conclusion, it is the role of the U.S government to save the citizens from this irritating issue of overdependence on oil imports. It should formulate and implement viable policies that will ultimately end the problem. It should consider other available alternatives such as the development of advanced technology vehicles that use less energy, creation of new energy sources to replace petroleum and formulation of safety measures that would govern exploration of energy sources.


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