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During my stay in H- I met councilor Krespel one of the most unique men alive and he was full of creative ideas. He was one of the wisest lawyers around and an excellent diplomat thus attracting prominent clientele like the Prince of German whom he drew up a memorial which he was to present to the Imperial court to further his legitimacy claims upon a certain strip of territory. He was rewarded through an offer of a house in any part of the territory but he declined and preferred his own construction in his piece of land. He did most of the work and even had to contract an architect under his own instructions. He only invited his journeymen, the master, apprentices and labourers to the housewarming party and not distinguished guests as expected. The construction took away most of his social life. He however resumes and is seen to charm everyone even children through his creativity. I soon met Antonia whom according to the professor was the best singer ever. This explained his obsession with the violin. I later was invited and it became a habit to dine with the two. My attention to her led him to ask me to leave and my state of being upset never went back till two years later walked in on her funeral.

I realized Antonia had died and out of grief, the councilor had looked insane. Angela could sing with a brilliant success just like her mother. She is a promising young composer who was in love. In a letter Respell received, Angela had died due to cold on her wedding day. He was very upset with the news because one disturbing influence had left his life. He set out for F-to see his daughter. He told Antonia everything and he knew that he won’t resist the temptation of having her sing. The councilor left F- with Antonia and came to H-without informing B- who later followed them. B- Played the piano, Antonia sang and Respell merely fielded away when she fall on the floor. From anger, Krespel had B- forced to leave. She later helped to glue new violins together and take older violins to prices. Krespel was incomprehensible. B- and Antonia held each other in his front with the music soothing the mood. The councilor felt a terrible anguish of his dream and on rushing to Antonia room, she was dead.


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