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Domestic violence is a notion that there is no equality between men and women in a family. For instance, men may treat women as only there in family to sire children and satisfy them with sex. The paper will be aimed at highlighting factors from studies that has been carried out by other scholars that can lead to domestic violence. In this paper, various secondary data will be used in order to give a clear picture of what is actually causing domestic violence.

It is usually believed that a family is an institution where individuals are supposed to seek safety, love, shelter and security. Domestic violence has been witnessed to increase with time. It is through this reason that this paper seeks to identify on the factors that has led to this device within families.

Qualitative research

In this section, the paper will analyze secondary data resulting from research studies that had been done within the Ashford University Library out of which a summary will be made regarding the various sources.

From a research that was done by both Michele & James, 2011, they have categorized factors into three broad groups. From one of their findings, a men and women’s hormonal component varies; the men’s hormonal level is higher than that of women and has caused them to undermine women to an extent of violence in the family. Secondly, is neuroanatomical. This is the notion of tendencies that men are violent to women.

Second factor within Michele’s & James, 2011 is gender role socialization, the attitude that men has towards their women and how they socialize with them indicates that they are not fully in good terms. In many cultural backgrounds, women are treated as superior that their spouses and should therefore be respected and even by the wives because of the powers restrictive emotion and control. There is also the assumption from their research that women are powerless and men has some emotions that are unidentified and also not expressed that at some point will lead to violence to their spouse and children.

Third is micro societal which is dated back to the historical patterns. Through this argument, they suggested that men have assumed that is common for them to batter their women without any action being take thus motivating them even more. Is simple terms, history is repeating itself.

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The second research study was carried by Buzawa & Buzawa, 2003 it was aimed at analyzing the factors that may lead to domestic violence. In the first assumption, he believed that parents enter into conflicts when children lack respect to them. There are parents who are hot tempered and when they realize that their children are misbehaving, they take a step of punishing them. The mode of disciplining the child maybe severe that may render the child injured. At youthful stage, the same child may also indulge in domestic by revenging to the parents on what they had done to him at his childhood stage. He will punish his parents. Domestic in this case has proved that domestic violence can affect the children in the family.

 Secondly of Vincent & Jouriles, 2000 is financial issues. Finances are one of the crucial factors that are causing domestic violence. For instance, there are some necessities that crucial in every family, their spending habits may vary; in that one of the spouse spent more that the other one any yet the source of finance may be from a common source. At the end of the day the two may end up fighting with the need of forcing the other party to reduce the expenses.

On their second argument, habits such as drunkard individuals may actually not be pleasing the other members of the family thus leading to violence. Alternatively, one engages in drugs which will turn his/her emotions that will end up being violent to his/her members of the families.

Lastly was a research that was conducted by Lockton & Ward, 1997. They found out that most of domestic violence that is recorded in the media is caused by financial background of their two families. In their argument, Lockton & Ward, 1997 was that in a case where the financial background of the wife is higher than that of the husband, then the woman will no more respect the husband the she believe she is the decision maker and so to the husband.

Cultural issues were also raised by the two scholars. In many communities women are treated as under the control of their husbands, this seems to contradict the current situation where equality is valued. Majority of male have turn out to be rigid to the coming change thus leading to domestic violence.

Quantitative research

In this section, the paper will present the collected data concerning domestic violence. There are a number of scholars who have moved to the field to collect for data concerning domestic violence issue and presented for further analysis in order to give a clue on how solutions can actually be reached at.

In order to fully address domestic violence, questions has to be formulated in order to give a direction on how things are supposed to be done. Some of the questions that are to be tackled include; what are the causes of domestic violence? This part has been tackled earlier in the first section. Secondly, which people are affected by domestic violence? From the quantitative data, it is revealed that one in every four women is affected by domestic violence in her lifetime. Further statistics reveal that nearly one million cases of domestic violence have been reported for either former or current spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Every year, up to three million women are usually abused physically by their husbands or boyfriends.

In another case, three quarter of domestic violence that have been reported are against women and the remaining quarter is done by women against men.

From a different study, 600,000 cases of domestic have been reported for a period of one year. Six million women have been involved in the domestic violence and there was a great variance on the data for men where between 100,000 and six million men had been reported in a span of one year to have been battered by their wives.

Women at the age of between 20 and 24 years are at a high risk of being intimated by their partners. Between 2006 and 2010, an average of 22% of cases that were nonfatal intimate partner was reported on victimizations over women. Within the same period, intimate partners were reported to commit 3% of the crimes over women.

In the country, at least 30% of the population has someone in their minds who have been abused physically by either the husband or boyfriend for a period of one year.

In 2008, 1347 women were murdered by their intimate partners. Within the same period, 460 men were murdered by their intimate partners. From the information given, it is clear that domestic violence revolve around women and men or up coming relationships of boyfriend and girlfriend. 


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