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Its is my dire need for more knowledge, skills and aspiration that has led me to apply for a position in your university to pursue a course in………since my elementary years in school, there has always been a great desire and hopes of one day joining your institution that is well established, offers quality education, famous for its commitment to excellence and further more it has got good reputation from what it has done in shaping peoples desires and aspirations. I believe if given a chance, my aspirations will be realized and since I believe in giving back to the community, this will impart positively since I will get equipped with skills that will make community benefit from it after completion. Education is a key to personal growth and development and this has been my driving force to re-shape my life as well as attaining and achieving the ultimate goal that has acted as a catalyst in my life for many years.

My parents have really tried their best to make the best out of me. They have constantly engaged be in understanding the cultural practices of the community and in effort to facilitate this, they have in most cases taken me to the cultural functions of the community. They have taught me to appreciate the society I come from as well us others and this has always heightened the spirit of being part of community functions. To break cultural barriers with other communities, the have been creating opportunities to take me through other communities way of living as well as attending intercultural communities functions whenever there is an opportunity. It is thus true to confess that these early exposure have left me with a wide understanding of how other communities relate and behave when exposed to various circumstances. This has hence improved the interaction skills making it easier to interact and co-exist peacefully and harmoniously with others. Having been brought up in a very aggressive community in terms of healthy competition and where parents and guardians have placed big value to education which has been of importance to many of us through developing the elements of hardworking, discipline and being goal oriented people. Teachers have also embraced the society expectations and being role models, have been instilling the right virtues and attributes to their students. This in turn have translated to students developing positive and the right attitude to cope with one another as well as being thorough in whatever we intend to do by working hard and collaborating with others for better results. I have been product of community that takes social responsibility to one another, believes in instilling good morals to community members as well as having high regards for education.

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According to one African saying that you determine the shape of a tree when it is still young, this was practiced by my parents. By the virtue of both of them being educators by profession, they have relentlessly mentored me to appreciate and have the right attitude to education. Their passion for knowledge has been my big aspiration with a dream of becoming even better than them. Though the path to success has got many challenges, they have always motivated and assisted in my line of pursuing for more knowledge and understanding of concepts. They have achieved this by giving any necessary support and advice not forgetting the effect of constant evaluation for any progress. They have very high regards for higher education and they have always encouraged me to pursue education as much as I can with their commitment to always support me in any way possible to achieve it. To reciprocate, I have always worked towards improvement no matter how small it might be since Kaizen principle have noted even small improvement will have a bearing to the overall direction.

Having aggressive and determined personality traits, I have been active in group and social activities. Having attended team building training session, it enhanced the team-working skills, inter and intra personal relationship, leadership ability, compassion and healthy completion to mention but just a few. Some of these skills have made it possible to have right attitude, interacting harmoniously with wide range of people, appreciating the importance of having others and the spirit of peaceful co-existence with others. To utilize the attributes gained from team building, I have always appreciated others and respected other people’s opinion even when they don’t have to necessarily be in line of beliefs. I have learnt to be flexible and change my stand when others come up with better and workable ideas by supporting them when I think they will bring about better results an in efficient and effective manner. Sports are believed to also bring about leadership and an aspect of team work. This has instilled better understanding of health benefits as well as a means of dealing with stressful moments. Being an active member in various sports, I have developed leadership skills that have made it possible to provide direction and way to our youth group for the last 4 years. I have volunteered in assisting youth in our church to better citizens by teaching them how to play various sports and how to be part of the community by contributing positively to society expectations. Since I was in the high school, I have participated in various activities which have shaped my leadership and team working skills. Honest and hard work are some of my strong attributes which I have utilized to make myself and others better than before. Through my integrity, I have been a role model to many and this was even recognized by the teachers who used to refer other students for assistance to me. This also has made it possible to teach ethical issues to the teens in our neighborhood by emphasizing the importance of good morals and how one can choose not to be influenced negatively by the peer influence. I strongly believe in giving back to society and community at large the best services that I can. This will come true if I will be given opportunity in your institution to sharpen and enhance skills that will be of great assistance to the community and others at large.

By joining your institution, I will affiliate myself with association that is determined to make students appreciate others as well as respecting those who are from different social and financial back grounds. The purpose of this will be to encourage all students to keep aside their various differences and rather work towards making the institution realize its mission and vision by working within the stipulated guidelines and procedures set forth by the institution. I will also be in the fore front to spear head campaign to the youth on importance of not using recreational drugs by letting them understand the effects associated with their usage. Being a hard working and a honest person, I will also encourage students to work hard in their academic field and avoid the emerging trend of cheating in exams as well as plagiarism which is becoming an issue of concerns especially by lazy students who are not taking time to read and understand the concepts but rather are copying and pasting other authors content with giving due credit to them. I will also gear most effort to cooperate and abide by all rules and regulations that will be set forth by the institution and be an asset rather than a baggage to the institution its occupants at large.

Am looking forward to be given opportunity by your institution which I have strong conviction is the best placed institution to make my dreams come true as well as providing opportunity to mould me to a better person in institution, society and community at large. Your positive contribution is highly welcomed and looking forward for the opportunity that will change and better my life.


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