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This week in school it was all lively as the teacher taught us on how to become better acting performers in plays. At first everyone thought that acting was simple but through the teacher’s insight it came clear to every student that performing was much technical and therefore everyone ought to master the art itself. The first step towards becoming a good actor as highlighted by the teacher was to master one’s script together with those of fellow actors as this helps you in knowing the play’s foundation and the mood needed while presenting your part. Then after mastering the script, one has to be a good active listener and therefore one has to give the audience the intuition that you truly are attentive and listening to all that is going on around you and also avoid being too quick with your script. Many students were victims of this as they hurriedly presented their lines so as to prove that they knew the content.

According to me being brave seemed to be a simple task in that I was used to addressing students but when it came to the issue of acting it proved to be a hard task. For that reason, the teacher told us that acting usually assisted in stretching one’s abilities and also made people depart their comfort zones and so he told us to recognize that the part we were doing were the easiest. He went further to advice us about learning to breathe appropriately and practice several breathing techniques for about 15-20 minutes a day. One technique which felt achievable to me was to inhale profoundly as probable and then breathe out for double the quantity of time one spent while inhaling. Carrying out this initiative would help in reducing stage fright as well as pre-audition tension.

Many people presume that acting is a freelancing activity like I did but one ought to be professional like for instance, showing up always on time, since by so doing you will have ample time to fully warm up and be relaxed to start your performance. It may seem obvious that everyone has a respectable character towards their fellow actors but some of them talk ill about their colleagues. I understand that respect is a vital aspect in group work and therefore everyone should carry themselves with high esteem and concentrate their time in improving their shortcomings rather than blaming their fellow actors.

The teacher stressed on the importance of always keeping one’s cool even though everyone is losing theirs. By so doing, your presentation will certainly stand out amongst everybody else’s. Some people practice once or twice before undertaking the real presentation but the teacher discouraged us from doing so and urged us to always practice more and more since by so doing we would be perfecting our performances. Moreover, everyone ought to strive to make your fellow actors appear as excellent as possible as this will help in enhancing one’s performance and overall professional reputation. As a closing remark, the teacher told us to always take criticism positively regardless of how harsh it might be and this would help us in improving our performing abilities by always keeping our spirits high of which I consider is a superb advice. Therefore through the guidelines given by the teacher, I have been able to register in an acting club and ready to explore my talents.


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