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Low impact development techniques depend upon effective management process and resource allocation. My learning experience shows that low impact development techniques are able to create such things as good home environments, leisure and tourism facilities, safe buildings, the countryside and landscape, improve the natural and built environments, make sure that developments are well served by transport systems. These burdens are eased by greater use of renewable resources that include people outside the green building project, the addition of personnel to green building staffs, and the establishment of coordinating responsibilities such as research and development, product planning, and market planning. My learning experience shows that green roof, rainwater harvesting, bio-retention, porous pavement, drip irrigation help green builders adjust to changing market situations. Coordination is one of the low impact development techniques essential to the green building (Allen and Iano, 1998)). Such techniques as ovapotranspiration, stormwater management, watershed scale, dranage systems, green streets and high ways. The nature, intricacy, and magnitude of the management task, especially in conglomerate organizations, complicate the problem (Wacker, 2008). Green roof, rainwater harvesting, bio-retention, porous pavement, drip irrigation facilitate the performance of specialized units in green building process, welds independent divisions into a total complex, sets goals for the entire project, allots each unit its role and appraises its functioning, strives for organizational balance, and fits all the departments into a system (Reilly, 2002, Thomas, 2003; Williamson and Bennets, 2002). The main success factors are quality, quantity and amenity which help green builders to introduce environmentally friendly designs. In the course, I would like to know more about such areas as budgeting, planning, resource management, layout design, speedier decisions applied to green roof, rainwater harvesting, bio-retention, porous pavement, drip irrigation. A project cannot be considered in isolation Operations of green building projects vary, and some companies now want it close to the marketplace.


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