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My main intention is to be able to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community and Human Services with the main concentration being on Criminal Justice where upon the completion of the degree, I will be able to satisfy all my academic, professional and longstanding personal goals.


I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community and Human Services. My area of concentration is Criminal Justice. I choose Empire State as my institution of study because of their dedication and commitment to the adult learner. The Center for Distance Learning allowed me to continue working while pursuing my education. I’ve attended college in the past; I had a great idea of what was needed to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

I have set very many goals so as to enable me to be able to pursue my degree which are both professional and personal. This has given me the motivation and the will to pursue my degree because I am confident that I did not make a mistake in choosing Empire State College because I believe and trust that Empire State College, it is the only place where I can fulfill and attain all my goals.

I have a very strong feeling that this degree program plan that I have arranged will enable me to achieve all my career goals as a professional criminal justice officer and my personal goal of being well-educated with good knowledge and skills in various areas. I believe that after I complete my degree program, it will give me a sense of confidence which would motivate me to continue the learning process all through the rest of my life and not for the short duration of time that I will be undertaking my degree program in Empire State College.

Appropriate Knowledge

I ensured that the program which I proposed was inconsistent with all the industry’s best practices where I was able to review samples of other colleges which also offered online programs in the criminal justice. My prior college level education consists of the following institutions: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Grantham University, New York City Department of Corrections Training Academy, FEMA and other various courses which have been evaluated by Empire State College that rise to the level of college level learning.

To be certain I was on the right track in designing my degree plan I used the following Bachelor of Science programs and schools as a source of reference. In developing this degree program, I was able to consult several school bulletins which included: John Jay College of Criminal Justice which required 30 credits in general education, 45 credits in your area of concentration, and 40 electives, totaling 120 credits; The Grantham University which required 50 credits in general education, 30 credits in your area of concentration, and 40 electives totaling 120 credits; The Indiana University which required 30 credits in general education, 45 credits in your area of concentration, and 45 electives, totaling 120; The American Public University which required 30 credits in general education, 45 credits in your area of concentration, 45 electives, totaling 120; and The Empire State College which required 30 credits in general education, 45 advanced level course in your program 24 of which is in your concentration. The total credit needed at Empire State College is 128. The advanced level courses I took at Empire State College meet the criteria designed for a Bachelor of Science Degree, my courses were directly related to Human Services and Criminal Justice. In comparison to the other schools curriculum the program I designed meets or exceeds their criteria as well. Inclusive in my degree plan is over 30 general education credits which expand 8 areas of study exceeding the required 7 areas.

Appropriate Skills

The courses which I took at The Empire State College and that were related to my area of study and concentration included the following: Adolescence and Addiction, Protecting American Cases and Controversies, Criminal Law, Family Violence, Abnormal Psychology, Social Problems, Criminal Justice and Poverty, Probation Parole and Corrections, Crime Intelligence Analysis, and Juvenile Justice and Delinquency.

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In the Adolescence and Addiction course, I learned that many adolescents are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Adolescents that are addicts or users typically act out and sometimes commit crimes as a result of their drug use. Subsequently the adolescents become part of the criminal justice system.

The Protecting America Cases and Controversies course outlined contemporary issues of policy, law and ethics in criminal justice and homeland security including drug policy and enforcement, gun regulation, racial profiling, cameras in the courtroom, the privatization of prisons and the consequences to civil liberties of the fight against terrorism. This course is a capstone study of students in the criminal justice field.

The Law course familiarized me with the history, philosophy and purposes of criminal law as well as the elements of crime in general and specific crimes against the person, property, public order and public morals. In this course I analyzed situations to find if a crime was indeed committed. 

I studied Family Violence across the lifespan where I became familiar with the difference between child abuse and child neglect. This course also highlighted emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Battering of spouses and other obstacles that family members face during abuse was explored.

I learned the principles theories and information involved in Abnormal Behavior, I acquired a comprehensive understanding of abnormal behavior and the various classifications of mental disorders. This course prepared me for the challenges that I will encounter with people I may come in contact with who are suffering from mental disorders.

In the study of Social Problems, I learned which problems raise to the level of “social”, I learned how to analyze, interpret and understand social problems. I learned what causes social problems, the consequences of social problems and possible solutions to these problems.

In the Criminal Justice and Poverty course I learned that the economically deprived come into contact with the criminal justice system in a disproportionate number. We explored some ideological perspectives of poverty and crime. Problems in the American Criminal Justice System were also explored.

In the Probation Parole & Corrections course I explored the alternative to incarceration, the different types of sentencing imposed by the courts that do not involve jail time. I learned the difference of Probation and Parole and how the systems work, community based corrections were also explored in this course.

The Crime Intelligence Analysis course explored the analyzing and mapping of crimes. I learned about the emerging field of crime and intelligence analysis. How the elimination or deterrence of crime was also learned, what local, state and federal law enforcement roles are as it relates to terrorism and crime.

I am expected to learn the natures, controls, and causes of juvenile delinquency in this course. I am looking forward to analyzing theories and programs of delinquency as well as control and deterrence of delinquency in the Juvenile Justice System.

Appropriate Values and Attitudes

Many of the of the adult learners of today often pursue degrees so as to enhance all the opportunities that are available for career development and their professional value expectations. Six years ago I was called by God. I am an ordained minister, I counsel with people often and this is the most important and rewarding job ever. In conclusion, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree is more of a personal goal than for employment purposes. I do plan to apply to Empire State College Graduate School Program immediately upon completing my undergraduate studies.

Appropriate Practical Experience

My work experience in the Criminal Justice Field has given me a direct source of reference as to what type of work I could expect to do with this degree. On January 22, 1987 I was appointed as a Correction Officer for the New York City Department of Corrections. Some of the area I worked closely with while employed by the Department of Corrections is the Intelligence Unit, Hostage Negotiation Unit, I was also assigned to the Division of Personnel. On July 3, 2000 I was promoted to the rank of captain, my duties were to supervise the daily operation of correction officers and to investigate incidents some rising within the confines of the department while other didn’t. January 23, 2007 I retired after 20 years of dedicated service.

Subsequently I was offered a position as a manager of one of the largest security firms in New York City, I’m sure this offer came due to my law enforcement background. One of my greatest desires since I was a young man was to help people. I was involved in many community organizations, such as the NAACP, New York City Mission Society Cadet Corp. and various church organizations. One of my first jobs was working Rheedlen Foundation I was a counselor that worked under the direction of social workers, it was my job to interact with parents and children who were often displaced living in shelters such as the Martinique Hotel, many of these clients were abused, most were addicted to substance or another, It was at this point in my life at the age of 19 I felt I was wanted to make a difference in the life of someone. I enjoyed a successful career in the Department of Corrections. I would like to think that my work has made an impact on inmates and co-worker as well. 

I believe that I have got all the experience that a majority of the Human Service Agencies is looking for in their employees. I have a strong belief that the degree program that I put up is very strong and I am sure very much that it will serve me very well in the continuation of my future degree in the field of Human Services. I thank you very much for your consideration of my essay and my degree plan.


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