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After reading the two poems entitled The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer and The Seafarer by anonymous, I have realized that life is a journey that each individual takes on daily basis. Though the poems talk about physical journeys, there are deeper lessons to learn from them. Human beings are pilgrims with a number of goals to meet in the journey of life. In most cases, the journey is full of milestones until one becomes uncertain and worried about whether the journey will yield any success.

It requires great optimism for one to make it. For instance, The Seafarer journeyed in the deep sea without getting discouraged by the strong cold winds, waves, and storms. Personally, I am on a journey that has to be of help to both the people around me and myself, like the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales who journeyed for both individual and group fun.

I want to see possibilities where everyone sees impossibilities and at the same time, my aspiration is to encourage the weak and also the hopeless with my words and actions. I want the society to see brighter days ahead in the midst of many problems and confusion in the today’s world. For example, the economy of many countries around the world is deteriorating and it appears to be no solution coming any time soon. I am a strong hearted kind of a person who believes that people of all economic classes can rise above these adversities by having the right attitude to life.

Politically, I want to sensitize people to choose the political leaders wisely in order to fight the immoralities like corruption and injustices in the society. I believe good leadership is a great contributor to major developments in the world today.

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I will play my part in educating as many people as possible both casually and officially with great faith that one day, the marginalized groups will be set free and will, therefore, have a voice in the society.

There is one characteristic in me that I have come to like, because it has come to be one of my greatest strengths in life. I am a very honest person who will always tell the truth straightaway. At times it has troubled me, but I end up feeling satisfied when people who first disagreed with me come to their senses and greatly respect me. I want to use this strength to change people and situations around me. I will always give credit where it is due and positively criticize where the need arises. It is until one tells people the truth and denounces the evils in and around them, that they are able to improve or even change some things completely. This brings about peace, love, and harmony to people living together as a group or community whether pursuing same or different goals in life. There also comes a point in life when every person needs a companion or companions, and this becomes a success when there is openness and clarity about their likes and dislikes to each other.

As a pilgrim, I have come across people with different cultures and personalities, and I do not despise people regardless of how different they might be from me. It is through them that I have learnt that our differences add more flavors to life, and there is always something to learn from each new person that one meets in life.

However, there are situations whereby, in the process of trying to understand and live with people amicably, I find myself struggling with the issue of trying to be ‘all things to all people’. This has helped me to talk to people who are going through such situations and to encourage them to do what they are capable of doing without struggling to please other people. At the same time, they should not give while expecting back, because many people do not recognize sacrifices made for them and even go to the extent of taking others for granted. On the contrary, it is a difficult thing to do because human beings naturally value appreciation and recognition. It can only be left for the individual to decide, depending on the experiences he or she has gone through in his pilgrimage of life.

I can not forget one very important requirement in my journey: wisdom. I might not be as wise as Solomon, but with what I have, I can better it and use it to accomplish my life-set goals. I further believe that wisdom is a virtue that can be acquired through prayer, reading and learning from own and other people’s experiences.

Another thing that has helped me a lot is being a good listener. Life has taught me that one can keep a million friends by talking less and listening more. By doing this, one is able to command great respect from people of all age groups. People can never understand the areas of major weaknesses, if one is a person of few words and will always regard you to be better. This will make others entrust you with their secrets since they will believe you more.

Finally, I want to live a decent free life, and I would rather lead a comfortable life than a luxurious one. Patience and contentment are the virtues I desire to preserve even in times of great need. I want to trend my journey like an honest, humble, brave and wise warrior.


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