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As an organizer, I was given the mandate of coordinating the functions and activities of the other project members. This was a very important role that ensured that all was functioning towards the success of the group. My duty involved offering assistance in their questions and in other necessities. We worked very well online as I was receiving response from each one of us. I would relate the success of our project to the response and unity that was realized in the members. Although I faced some challenge in getting timely response, we finally made the project a success by giving out best ultimately.

Being an organizer requires the making of key decisions especially when coming up with a timeline. This is very important because we needed to keep track of the events that characterized our project. Making important checks and balances from the organizer’s role was very imperative in defining the limits of time and other resources that were needed to accomplish our project. As the organizer, it was important for me to ensure that the project did not use many resources that were expected especially on matters of time.

Generally, our project turned out successful due to well defined roles of each of our members. With the organizer coordinating the roles and the functions of the group, everything was well monitored and evaluated to make use of the most suitable options that were available to us as a group. I really understood that my role as an organizer was important to give direction to the objective of the group concerning the project.


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