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I have been academically dismissed from the college for the Spring semester 2013. The reason for dismissal was as a result of my deteriorating academic performance. I had a problem with payment of my school fees. This resulted from my parents’ decision to separate. This put a lot of pressure in me and I was unable to settle in academics. There was change of focus from reading to adaptation to the new status in life. Good academic performance demand constant determination and peace of mind. Determination minus resources is a negative to good academic performance. There was shift of focus to the lack of family support. My mother was struggling to bring food to the table and meet basic family needs. She was not in position to raise school fees for my education.

Challenges in life need to be resolved. I have a plan of resorting back to school. My interaction with people of good will has enabled me to raise school fees on my own. The issue of unsatisfactory academic performance is going to be a forgotten issue. My plan is to focus on how to achieve my potential in my world of academics. I have passion to fully engage my time and resources towards good academic progress.

I have established links with role models, group work initiative with exemplary students to aid in excellent performance in school. It is my realization that education is like a tree with roots but sweet fruits. This will encourage me to pull up my socks and yearn to achieve better results.


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