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In the beginning Mackinnon starts with shocking ideas of what women have gone through and are still going through, she explains the plight of women in the society we live in, a young girl being raped continuously by her father, a husband doing unseen things to his wife and a doctor manipulating a female patient to suck his penis so as to get drugs (Clinard & Quinney 23) When this women try to tell people who they believe can come to their aid they are told that this things never happened and that it's only in the figment of their imagination. Then the dawn of technology came in and the women saw a way to claim their assaults since it was caught on camera but this was not so since they were made to smile in this videos, they became willing actors and not victims, fathers, husbands and doctors saw this and started doing since it was sexually pleasing.

The question of legal regulation of pornography became or was framed as a question on freedom of expression of the pornographers and their consumers, the government's idea of censoring was opposed to publishers' right to express them and the reader's right to read and think about the content. The approach of the current law pornography is viewed as and treated as defamation rather than discrimination to mean that it is a form of communication and the only harm it can do is offend ((Douglas 67).). Although it is argued that pornography itself is not to blame for most of the sex offences it is also true to say that pornography does not gang rape women but men do it to entertain, porn also does not sex kill it is the men on it that kill the women this is psychologically effective to the minds of people, for example a husband watches with his wife and when they get to intimacy some of those acts seen in the porn are repeated since both of them found pleasure from watching them. This is different with individuals for some of them might find it repulsive to rape a woman but someone else may be triggered to think that since the men look as if their having fun then this implies that sexual pleasure may be induced by raping a woman.

As we read Mackinnon's Only Words we see from the writer's point of view that Pornography is shown to be a media machine where there is no ambiguity of meaning seen from the text it produces. This is seen to induce behavior from the audience which is seen to be more "real than reality" (24) it therefore (porn) becomes an ambient general social reality conditioning what sex is. The woman's body is considered as a victim to be consumed, (i.e.) raped and men on the other hand are the consumers of this spectacle and they are said to function like the penis-ram which assumes the active raping position.MacKinnon also claims that porn does have an effect on culture, Porn's scripting of the victim and violator is seen to repeat itself in the social world where it is explained that men on 'porn' consume the images of women as porn objects and use it in the social world as a copy of this porn, this is seen in the high numbers of rape cases and also sex murder.Susan Ostrich's book on Real Rape is seen to invoke the same sentiments as of Mackinnon, she elaborates the story of a young woman (herself) who is raped and robbed. She goes to report the matter to the authorities and the police ask her if the man who raped her was black, when she says yes to them the story now becomes believable (Douglas 64).They carry out their investigation and only come forth with the stolen car and no word on the rapist, they seem unconcerned with how she is fairing and her health is not one of their priorities. She says that when the rape involves a stranger forcing himself onto a woman the cases are solved, but when the rape involves someone related to the woman in question the rape case becomes not so much rape (simple rape) so long as the woman is not killed or harmed. The law is also seen to protect the husbands claiming that rape is forceful penetration by a man into a woman if this man is not the husband. The number of reported rape cases according to Susan have gone down since the society has now classified rape, when, for example, it occurs in a relationship or during dating this is not considered as rape if the woman is not battered or killed in the process. She also says that speaking out is one of the therapy to getting over the fear this she says is from experience (Douglas 67). The law from her own perspective is not protective of the rape victims since it treats rape victims differently, some are said to have brought this on themselves as seen from an attorney Susan had spoken to, he claimed that the accuser was wearing really tight jeans and a blouse that showed a little bosom, this is seen to imply that she was may be cheap and any man would not be held liable if he took advantage of the situation. Again the man who raped this same woman was her ex-boyfriend; this to attorney did not come out as a rape case which could win in court.Pornography in my own understanding is a stimulus to sex activities; if one is addicted to this form of entertainment then it's very much possible that he or she will want to practice what they see. On the other hand if Rape were to be treated as a crime no matter the victim and the rapist, and the punishment made aggressive then may be the cases would go down in numbers (Clinard & Quinney 23).


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