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I am a member of a family that runs one of the largest construction companies in the Dominican Republic. The company deals with building of airports, skyscrapers, highways, residential communities and dams. We have one of the largest concrete companies as well as a white cement production facility. I am interested in furthering my studies for a program in masters of construction management. This program is relevant to me since I studied civil engineering at Northeastern University and graduated last May. This course is important to me both for the follow up of my passion career and for the company that I am currently running alongside my family members.

A master’s in construction management will help me develop the multidisciplinary skills needed for effective management and supervision in construction. Primarily, it will equip me with practical leadership relevant in managing construction works, besides improving my decision making practical skills in the world of business, which will include estimations, controlling of the costs, labor relations and well planning of projects and schedules. The eventuality of this career will enable me in the running of the construction company, which I am currently doing together with my family, bearing in mind that it deals with construction. I am looking forward to apply some renovations in the company after acquiring further knowledge to include exploration of new forms of contractual relationships and develop new strategies in devising and implementing commercial plans. This will go a long way towards increasing the competence of the company and give it a new international outlook. For my career development, I would be able to advance my skill in negotiations and handling of disputes and claims, a feature that our company is in thirst for currently. This will automatically increase the customer confidence and eventually expand the volume of the business. It will be advantageous, as this will create more job opportunities for other levels of performance in the company.

While getting access to the current knowledge and skills to address current issues and developments in the construction industry, it will be my pleasure to participate in tender bidding projects for the institution, where I am going to undertake this master’s program. Construction work forms every aspect of humankind, and if a company or institution is not directly a construction company, then, it will require construction of structures in its jurisdiction. Putting the institution where I will pursue my master’s in context, I will get involved in planning and construction of its ongoing amenities as I await confirmation. This will give me the most needed firsthand experience to deal with the ever-competitive job market.

It is, hence, essential that even if the company I am working with, which happens to be a family company, will practically miss my services during the time I will be seeking to further my studies, I consider this as the right course. The knowledge that I will be seeking will one day pave the way to future success, which the company is running currently. It is in my best of interests that I further my construction skills, as this will change our company, create more employment and attract a wide range of management strategies for international reputation. Besides, my participation in bidding for construction contracts for the institution I will pursue my career will not only help the institution but also develop my skills for competence. This will make me a professionally qualified construction engineer, which also runs through my mind as the dream career. To me, this will be a dream come true without necessarily working with stress of effort.


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