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Racism is the unlawful discrimination of an individual(s) which results to promoting inequality among members of the same community. Racists achieve their goals through harassment and victimization directly or indirectly so as to achieve their intentional motives.

Race and your community

Yes. Members of my community resemble me through God’s nature of creation, however, social group in the community make people resemble because of the class that they commonly share and represent in the community-the common people [lower class] as we are referred and No, since the upper class in the community for example; the leaders, the rich and those who happen to rule my class by considering the skin color difference, are not like I am and therefore, the difference in resemblance determines the way we  to relate and execute day to day duties and responsibilities to accomplishment of full human prospective.

Community members resemble considering that God made man from his own image and through the art of God’s creation then comes the likeness of the human race thus racial indifference do not arise since we belong to the same community. However, members of my community look the same if we consider the skin color, our eating habits and speech language. But on closer analysis of individual members we are all very different from one another in that every individual has his or her own individual inner personality and attitude. This has affected the way we interact on individual basis with the other member who we consider to treat us unfairly. Interestingly not everyone faces racism, simply because through their own personal efforts they have been able to interact freely with everyone thus they have a high social standing in a community that should be discriminating them (Stuart, 1997).

Member of my community have a certain class in which they operates in the community. The class is determined by a low social and economic limiting level that has almost no influence on matters which influence matters of decision making which are very important in any community.

Most of the leaders within my community who ought to be at the lead in stopping racism are the most perpetrators. My fellow colleques mainly forego very important services provided by the leaders. It happened to my friend who was unemployed and had wished to work within the local federal government offices, he was supposed to approach the member of parliament within our region but it they both happen to come from different ethnic group, unfortunately the person we chose and highly regard as our leader who should never take side brushed away my friend claiming that he is not interested in any way supporting or giving any help to members from that particular ethic tribe. This is totally unfair and unlawful when practiced by a national leader who should act as the unifying ground for all tribes and races within his area of jurisdiction.

Majority of the other leaders within my community are more or less like our member of parliament. For the members of my community to get any help from them they demand that we buy for the service they are offering, which is bribery , yet those that are of the same community with them are served free of charge. Such differences have resulted to animosity within the different groups living together to a point of causing ethical clashes (Stuart, 1997).

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In my opinions, the leaders must play a central neutral role of ensuring those who support and practice racial activities and practiced are dealt with firmly and they should not themselves be associated with such practices because they represent all members in the community but not a particular group.

Members of my community who have managed to get jobs that deal with the leader directly or indirectly have always complained that the leaders has an attitude that is always rude and unhelpful, but to the member of his community who very unaccountable for in their behavior, they never suffers the same consequences. This experience really shows me how a racist leader with authority can be very hazardous when in such a position. If I were to be given such a position I would use my power to change work disparities and injustice by ensuring that I reach to the needs of all the people and create a true egalitarian workplace. I would as well set an economic and social arrangement to avoid unfair and exploitative relationships favoring some people and discriminating against others. My main goal will be to ensure that every member of the society has the chance to accomplish full human prospective and that no one is being labeled as socially undesirable. It is this fair treatment members of my community cry for so as to benefit like the rest.

Members of my community have learned to be good to each other because we face similar challenges within a society that fully practices racial discrimination. Those members who have succeeded in becoming leaders have been advocating and campaigning for racial discrimination to stop. They have also helped in meeting most of the needed my fellow community members have not been able to meet. An example of one very helpful person is the leader a local non-profit organization whose main objective is to fight for equal representation in the society, although it has not been easy the organization has made several milestones which we are currently enjoying and which have reduced racism within the entire community, through the organizations campaign there is evident improved interaction between all the community members (Barrie, 1995).

The organization has educated my community members to be friendly to one another, assist each other in whatever means we feel can help as we hope that racism being shown to us shall come to an end one day. To the members of the different community we have learned to do what they don’t do to us, we assist them achieve their goals hoping that one day they shall learn from our goodness and change their way of life against us.

The media and other forms information have been discriminative for a long period of time. However, current publications are focusing on issues affecting communities facing discrimination. The text media undertook a mail-back campaign targeting and other forms of the advertisements and promotions which failed to reflect the multiracial nature of our society. Most of the manuals written about the live and hardships facing my community never provided the actual information about the challenges faced on daily basis. Those members who managed to write materials for publication faced resistance from the publishers who were not ready to publish their work because they were supporters of the same (Gail, & Humez, 1994).

Local organization such as radio stations manifested racism in the media through lack of representation. The radio stations are dominated by people of certain communities and color and those of unequal status from certain racial minorities are not represented at all. What this meant is that our issues will have no one to air them and make our suffering know to the outside world. In case of some representation, individuals never got to certain positions such as anchors, reporters, experts or actors. The invisibility, stigmatization and marginalization of people of certain communities in the media continue to operate and communicate the message that racism is not yet over contrary to what the media stations describe themselves to be always neutral, impartial, objective and unbiased.

The media is also characterized by marginalization and stereotypical portrayal of people depending on their ethic orientation, and this is what my tribe was experiencing in the media industry.  The marginalization and stigmatization of our in the media was reflected in the demarcation whereby terms such as “them" and "us" were used to show the two different groupings. My community was portrayed as aggressive, unlawful, disrespectful of democratic laws and values, and that is demanded of special treatment yet in real sense our aggressiveness was a result of the suffering we were facing due to racism. Most of the press coverage of issues concerning my community were always sensationalized and were commonly depicted as militants, terrorists, and disposed to violence (Gail, & Humez, 1994)

Leaders in my community have their followers who mainly voluntarily choose to follow them. Leaders in my community lack charisma which is a characteristic of a leader to attract followers, as they attract them they promise them of a better tomorrow depending on what they currently have. The leaders have lacked this very important virtue that is very important in bidding my community together. I have personally decided to speak out for my people and fight for their right and equal representation in all levels as a way of bringing an end to racism.

Another major similarity is that we are all people focused, although each one of us is fighting all alone to end racism, our goal has always been common and has stood the test of time. We have also ensured the importance of enthusing others to work towards our vision.

As leaders we have tried to seek risk in doing what may potentially be bad to the governing authorities but we have consistently maintained our vision.

In my opinion, the interests of the minority within the community are not adequately addressed because all the organizations which should be fighting for the rights of these particular groups are out same organizations working against them. For example, the radio which is a major tool to campaign and fight for the people’s right has came under fire for perpetrating the same within the society.

If I had the opportunity to resolve any inequalities within my community I would resolve to fight racism which is deep rooted within my society and which has denied most of my people the right to proper education because most of the good schools are owned by a different community that does not allow members of my community to educate their children in them. The people have also been denied good health care facilities thus frequent ailments and other associated health problems are on the increase and threaten the life of many children and the elderly. Racism has also resulted to other psychological problems because we constantly perceive other members in the society as our enemies and that their motive and aim is to oppress us.


In conclusion, racism is an idea of the mind was individuals decide to become indifferent to other members in the society so as to achieve their own selfish goals. Racism is not health in any way because it does not help those practicing is for they live in fear for the evils they have done to those they look undermine. Racism should thus be stopped for the benefit of all members of the society. In my opinion, those who practice racism are outdated and have place in the current society. 


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