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Life has taught me that as a scholar attains more education, and then it is more probable that the future will be more successful. I believe that a successful future, if grounded on good educational background, will act as a gateway to my future goals. I have a number of academic and professional goals that I value as the gateway to a successful future. My immediate goal is to attain a BA in criminology and criminal justice at the end of the coursework, while ensuring I acquire all the necessary skills that will help me to become proficient in my career. The next goal is to get a master's degree in criminology and criminal justice. I have always had a plan for my future since middle school with my mind concentrating on the field of criminal justice. It is my dream that I will initiate several changes within the criminal justice system, and I will attain this goal by becoming a counterterrorism analysts working for the FBI or CIA in the near future. This is my final goal, since I know this is a very rewarding career that offers satisfaction provided it is done with professionalism. Therefore, I have no plans of shifting to another field, as I consider this as my final goal in life. I have always had a dream of making the world safer by reducing the rates of criminal activities, and I believe the field of criminology and criminal justice has offered me the platform to attain my dream. Fulfilling my academic goals will provide the basis, through which I will attain my professional goals. Besides, I will be able to make a great impact to the society in general, as it is my goal to reduce the rates of criminal activities, hence creating safety for all people.

I am also actively involved in extracurricular activities. I have helped in organizing various events in the school, and I have been an active member of various clubs at school. The skills I have attained through participating in the extracurricular activities have helped in shaping the manner in which I relate with others in this school. In addition, I am also actively involved in community activities outside school. I have volunteered to do some of the community services, such as creating awareness of the need to maintain peace.

Regarding my background, I come from a family of three, having been raised up by a single parent. She has been struggling to pay for our educational expenses; however, the worst happened in September 1, 2011 as our sole breadwinner died unexpectedly. However, I still managed to finish my fall and spring semester and graduate. However, since she passed on, our family home has been foreclosed on, and every dollar we manage to save goes towards saving our home and paying utilities. As a result, my family has no money to help fund my education, and that is why I am applying for this, as it will help me in a great way. Granting me this scholarship will enable me to attain my educational goals, which will open the way to fulfilling my professional goals. I will then be able to support my family as well, since my siblings are all depending on me.

I believe that I am a well-rounded person and the right candidate for this scholarship, because I excel in my academics and actively involved in my community work. Besides, I really need to attain my educational goals, since this is the only way I will attain my professional goals.


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