Free «Strategies for Global Environmental Conservation» Essay Sample

Environmental conservation is an important issue that needs to be addressed in the world today. This is because if this problem is not addressed the future of man in the world is at risk. I will suggest strategies which need to be put in place to make the world a better place for man.

Fist I will address the issue of forest cover in the world. There has been increased destruction of forest cover in the world such that very few countries have attained the ten percent forest cover requirement. The continued destruction of forest has led to adverse climate changes which have impacted man’s activities negatively. This has resulted to calamities like drought and floods (Department for employment and learning, 2009, Para. 5).

I would suggest the world leaders to come together and sign a treaty that will require every country to adhere to the ten percent forest cover requirement. This treaty should be designed in such a way that every country should have attained the forest cover requirement by a given time. This treaty should give the guidelines on how its requirement should be attained.

The other suggestion is to form a department within UNEP which is responsible for environmental audit and enforcement of this treaty. This department should be given powers to enforce various statutes put in place for environmental conservation. This department should me given the necessary support from the world leaders to make it effective on the enforcement.

The world leaders should come up with trade sanctions which will be implemented to punish countries that do not adhere to the set policies. These countries will act as deterrence to the countries that do not have good environmental conservation measures in place.

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The developed countries should set a given percent of aid for environmental conservation in developing countries. Money from this aid should go to projects such as planting of trees and reclamation of forest land. This will enable the developing countries learn to conserve the environment. The proceeds can also be used to develop alternative source of fuel other than wood fuel which leads to forest destruction.

The world leaders should come up with a global education program that will be responsible to educate the general public on environmental conservation and management. This will ensure that each person is responsible for his or her own surrounding and this will create a positive change to our environment. The program should be crafted in such a way that it conforms to different environmental challenges affecting different countries in the world.

The other important issue in the environment that needs to be addressed is the destruction of the ozone layer by the green gases being emitted from the industries. This has been on a rapid rise due to the industrial revolution taking place in the world. These gases are causing great harm to the atmosphere leading to imbalances in the world climate. When these gases are released to the atmosphere they block the sunrays from being reflected back to the space and this result to global warming (UNEP, 2008, p.10).

The world leaders had addressed this issue before by coming up with the Kyoto protocol which is expiring on 2012. This agreement did not do much because some of the industrialized countries were not signatories to it and others were unable to follow its agreed policies. The Kyoto protocol was an agreement for the industrialized countries to reduce green gas emission by certain percentages.

I would suggest the Kyoto protocol to be renewed and renegotiated in such a manner that it comes up with stricter regulation to both the members and non-members. A method of punishing those countries that do not adhere to the requirement should be developed. The monetary punishment should be equitable to the extent a country is destroying the environment; this will deter countries from continued release of green gases in the atmosphere.

Sanctions should be put to countries who will not be signatories to the Kyoto protocol. This is because these countries which are not signatories to the agreement are the major culprits in releasing the green gases in the atmosphere. These sanctions should be enforced without discrimination which will ensure collective responsibility to the environmental problem.

The world should come with a forum for developing clean sources of energy. These strategies should focus on development of renewable sources of energy that is environmental friendly. This is because most industries that use coal in their industrial facilities release a lot of carbon monoxide which is responsible for the green house effect (WWF, 2009, para. 10).

After all the above strategies have been implemented the world leaders should develop a fund that will cater for environmental disasters such as flood, landslides, and earthquakes like Katrina. This fund should be developed through the existing world financial systems like World Bank. This fund will be used to cater for the victims of these disasters and help them start a normal life. This will show a collective responsibility of the mistakes that we have done in environmental destruction.


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