Free «The Apple Trees at Olem» Essay Sample

I chose this poem because I liked its theme. The theme of the poem is about the experience of the people living in/visiting a city located near an ocean or a sea. The poem indicates that one can enjoy the greatness of a beach regardless of whether the weather is sunny, or rainy. Moreover, the poem indicates that if one misses the morning breeze, one can always enjoy the evening breezing. In addition, I liked the poem because the poet appreciates the lifestyle of the people living in coastal cities, as well as the captivating scenery, which is found along the beaches. The poem reminds me of the experience I had during a school trip in one of the cities located along the coastal strip of the Indian Ocean. The air along the beaches was cool and fresh. The beaches were always filled with people. One could even think that, the main occupation of the people living in that city was to walk, and relax along the beaches. When I read the poem, I started to imagine myself on the beach once again. In fact, at one time, it almost felt like I was really on a beach. All the same, the poem rekindled my past memories, and made me to rethink the idea of organizing another trip to a different beach city, maybe in the company my friends.

The tone of the poem is warm. This is because; the poet does not use hostile words in the poem, neither does he/she use exclamation marks. Moreover, the flow of the poem is slow. The slow flow of the poem contributes to its warm tone. In addition, the poet words are positive; he/she does not use harsh/cruel words. The poet utilizes imagery in the poem, in order to evoke visual experience to the reader. For instance, he says that, “…where trees throw shadows…” He uses the word ‘throw’ in an imagery manner. We know that, trees do not literally throw their shadows on the pathways. Instead, shadows are because of reflection from light. In another instance, the poet says, “he decides which limbs should be removed from the dead city.” The word ‘limbs’ is used in an imagery manner. In this case, limbs represent the branches of the trees and flowers planted in the dead city’s park. Moreover, these limbs are not literally removed from the city, but they are just pruned/trimmed, to prevent them from growing anymore.


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