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This world has seen many high tech developments. People always seem to be in a rush. We are always looking for a quick meal that we can grab and go. Food has to be consumed while we are on the move. Technology and research about the effects of fast food have raised our awareness. We are now questioning our choices. Health trends have changed very much over the past decade. We used to consider fast food as tasty years ago but it is now being looked upon as suspicious and harmful. Concerned environmentalists and nutritionists have brought these facts to our attention. The Big Mac at McDonald’s is sometimes referred to as the Darth Vader of food (Dunayer, Considering Concepts, 2011).

According to a survery by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2011) almost half of Canadians have cited that healthy food takes too long to prepare. The report also says that about 31% of employed people blame extra long commute times for the lack of time and the reason why they are not able to have a more healthy lifestyle. Consuming fast food can have dangerous and life threatning effects on our lives. Fast food portions are large and the food is low in vitamins and minerals and high in ingredients dangerous to health such as fats and carbohydrates. People also say that fast food restaurants provide a good environment where they can sit and enjoy their food. Just as alcohol is considered an essential ingredient in social gatherings (Dunayer, Considering Concepts, 2011), fast food has also become a common occurrence at most social gatherings like football or hockey games. Fast food outlets have increased attractiveness by offering access to free wifi so that you can work while you sit around and chat with your friends.

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It is my belief that these and more reasons that support the highly negative effects of fast food are enough to convert someone to cook at home. I am myself fond of cooking and eating at home. The good points of eating at home are many more than eating out. When I cook at home, I go shopping for the food myself. My husband also comes with me sometimes and both of us carefully pick out the ingredients, we always try to look for organic food. Then we are able to choose recipes of our own choice. We also choose to use less fat or fat free oils to do our cooking. Eating out costs more money than we want to spend, we may not be aware of the amount we keep spending on eating out but ever since we have started eating at home we have realized that we have saved a surprising amount.

The positives of eating at home are not only that save money, it also provides us the time to relax and actually enjoy the food. We are also able to have discussions with each other and engage and quality time with our dog at home. Fast food can also be dangerous for people who have allergies, they do not know what is being put into the food they are eating at the restaurant. Whereas, when we cook at home we take special care and make sure we avoid all the foods that can carry allergic factors.

Choosing the right food to feed yourself can be like giving your children good family values. When it is time to choose between a healthy lifestyle and corporate greed, the choise is easy for me to make. From seeing different documentaries on the internet and television my husband and I have realized that fast food and alcohol do not have the effects that are portrayed in commercials on television. We have made the right choice by choosing to eat organic food that we cook ourselves at home.


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