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The MA event management program meets my personal and career goals. I am a motivated and hardworking person able to plan my life and education. Event management is one of the most important social institutions in every state. Its development and up-to-date media technologies have a great impact on health of individuals and their well-being. The event management is one of the main areas which help the states to supply and provide a population with public services at all costs. The advantage of new forces (such as technology and social change) is that it allows states to treat debases and support people in need. One of the side effects of the preoccupation of the people with the capabilities of high-tech medicine has been the neglect of the role that individuals can and must play in the maintenance of their own health through wholesome personal behavior and life-styles. My working experience as a waitress in UK allowed me to know more about communication with customers and etiquette. The MA event management program will help to develop professional skills and master new knowledge. Working as a clerk in Hong Kong was a good training so I am able to organize work and personal life. I am a friendly person who is interested in communication and interaction with different people. As the most important, I am a creative person who applies this unique quality to professional sphere and everyday life. I like set up things and is really creative in making objects and planning projects. The role of event manager is present the company's product in a human and dramatic way. Flat-footed descriptions of products and services or loose artsy image-driven advertising is not going to make an impact in a world in which the consumer has the potential to see hundreds of individual pieces of advertising in a day. In my profession, communications has great potential and I am able to meet needs and requirements of this profession. The course will help me to know more people in different country, gain professional knowledge in set up stage and performance.


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