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It is my great pleasure to recommend one of my best students in your osteopathic medical schools who have exhibited exemplary performance in the field of osteopathy. He is diligent, hardworking, integrity, honesty, skilled, to mention but just a few. This attributes surpassed my expectation as well as outshined other students during the week. This attributes really impressed me and for sure, I have strong conviction that he is talented and has all what it takes to execute his duties professionally and with diligence.

I came to know him during osteopathy week that was held 3 months ago where I was the in charge of the week. To my surprise, there was middle aged woman who had a multiple of complications, which despite me having served in this field for the last 15 years; her conditions challenged me on how best to handle them. With my experience, it didn’t dawn to me that such young and upcoming student could be of much assistance. To my surprise, this student approached me professionally and humbly requested whether he could assist me in helping the patient.

I would say, he was very talented with interpersonal skills since he melded very well with the patient and one could even think they have known each other for long. He was mature and understanding coupled with good communication skills that made it easier to convey and comprehend what was expected of him. Upon realizing his ability, I gave him opportunity to practice his skills and by the end of it all, he tackled the patient’s complications professionally and with enthusiasm. To be honest, he challenged me since the way he understood the patient’s problems was far beyond what I had thought. He is determined, a team player who can work with divergent group of people

I would like to appreciate your consideration to him, and it would be my pleasure to see him get the opportunity to pursue his career in your association as well as get opportunity to practice the same. Feel free to contact me at any time for more information regarding him.


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