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NO, I don't think that this is invasion of the rights of the kid but it is a sign of concern in the part of parents. All in all, it is not necessary for the parent to snoop since it may make the child to be pushed farther. It is usually important to trust your child although it is also vital for both the parent and the child to be cautious but just ensure that you don't cross the line. Generally, it is always important to treat the child with due respect and in so doing you will be respecting the child's privacy. Parents should know the whereabouts of their child as from time of birth up to eighteen years. This is because the child is now a grownup and is capable of monitoring their moves on their own.

This is a service that is really important as it will the parent to monitor the movements of the kids. They say that children are the future leaders and therefore I would be willing to invest as much as I can in order to ensure that future leaders are brought up well. I would therefore spend $50 per month for this service.

I think it is not important for the kid to know when he or she is being tracked by the parent but sincerely, I believe that it is the right the parent to monitor the movement of the child and therefore the phone should not notify the child that he/she is being tracked.In the process of wanting to know the movements of the child, the devise should also set such that it notifies the parent when the child is in a store that he/she is not supposed to be at or near. The parent is supposed to be notified via message and I don't think that is taking the capabilities too far because the parent can only bur you from going to places that are bad or rather not fit for the child.

In cases of relationships, the device is not applicable because for one to be in a relationship; it means that both parties are all adults who can take care of themselves. Instead of the device, it is important that both partners develop some sense of trust in one another.In conclusion, it is important to note that such invasions create a dilemma and children may react with protective strategies to manage their privacy.


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