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There are different challenges that economies across the world face each and every day. These challenges result either from natural causes or artificial causes i.e. either the work of God such as in the case of Haiti earthquake or manmade such as in the case of the 2007 to 2009 economic recession in the United States of America that resulted from decisions that were being made by financial gurus in this nation. Iceland, as an economy has not been spared either. In recent years this nation has seen go from a potential financial mover across the globe to an economy that suddenly needs financial aid.

People across the globe have been caught up in the wave of learn-something-and-grow-rich instantly. While this has been a common trend in countries that have been caught up in pyramid schemes where people invest all their fortunes expecting to grow rich instantly, there has also been a tendency of people to invest all their energy in financial knowledge and skills in which they think they can grow rich instantly. The Iceland case therefore is not a unique case. When one strategy works for a person, people around him have a tendency of copying it and deserting their original plans. For example, Lewis (2009) argues that the financial lessons were more common in the universities of Iceland as people sought to gain financial knowledge in order to increase their income.

It is also important to note that every moment people hear of some way of making money, they would all end up buying the idea. However, this does not work always. In most cases, such a move may render many people hopeless at the end as such systems have no foundations to sustain them. For example, the United States mortgage sector attracted a lot of people with a mindset of making a fortune out of it, yet this happened only among the people who the first ones to invest in mortgages. Similarly, the people of Iceland who tried their luck on the stock market and learnt their skills early at the beginning of this financial boom succeeded but those who came in late ended up being frustrated (Lewis 2009).

In conclusion it can be said that there is always a risk that is involved each and every moment there is a shift of goals among people in order to adopt a new one that seems to be perfect than what they currently have. This is particularly so since people tend to forsake the other areas of the economy that are equally important and focus on one area thus creating an over supply of resources in such an area, causing prices to fall and people to loose their investments. This does not affect individuals alone but can also crumple the whole economy of a nation.


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