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English 1301 is a composition and rhetoric course meant to give students the chance to become better acquainted with both the rhetorical situation principles and communication purposes. The rhetorical situations include; audience, voice in relation to tone and purpose. Student taking this course should be vast with the modes of expressing arguments and learn how to develop and analyze arguments according to the deductions and inductions principles. This English course is specifically out to construct and organize affective argumentative persuasive and expository papers.

By the end of this course, students should be able to express their own thoughts in an effective, clear and logical prose. As a result of the existing complementary relationship between clear thinking and clear writing, more and pure rhetorical skills are taught in this course along with the analytic skills context so as to prepare students for any writing-intensive exam. By the time the students are done with the course, they should be better placed to understand how writing assignments are approached in terms of ascertaining an audience and formulating a purpose. This will help them learn how to appropriately focus and develop a writing persona to the audience and that purpose. Such decisions establish a student’s rhetorical stance.

The course also provides the students with enough training when it comes to logic skills to enable them understand different rhetorical situations determining the inductive generalizations validity. Student are also guided to apply to good use the composition and Rhetoric skills as well as their vast knowledge on the several types of persuasion and exposition helping them prepare an intelligent, and complete exploration of a topic that is significant. Students also develop skills needed to get one from the rough draft of any essay to a final version that is generally acceptable. The composition learning process include developing and finding ideas, have the ideas organized in coherent pattern, adjusting the writing style to suite the essay purpose, revising to achieve emphasis and unity and finally editing to do away with mechanical errors. Both rhetoric and composition skills learned should help the students arrange their own ideas in a pattern that is easily perceived enhancing their thoughts clarity (Quackenbos 321).


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