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Different people consider work and the need to work in different ways. Whereas some work for the reward of the money, which enables them to meet their daily needs and those of their families, others do it because they love their job and the satisfaction they obtain from it. In other cases, individuals go to work because they look at it as a social requirement whereas others do it to satisfy a specific need. I consider the desire to work to be dependent on the individual needs of a person as well as the type of responsibility they have and their age. While majority of the youth my age may find work to obtain financial independence, parents work to provide for their families. According to scholars like Dumaine, the type of work one chooses to do also plays a vital role on the level of importance one gains in the society. This could be the major factor, which contributes to the choice of work, and professionalism individuals take up (Dumaine par. 2). In this paper, I will address the reason why the people in my family work and how their work contributions to their daily lives and those of the people around them; socially and character wise.

I come from an extended type of family where I live with my mother, uncle and a couple of my cousins. Life in the United States has influenced my family. The need to fit into a new country and cater for our daily expenses has forced each member in my family to find some work to help in providing for the family expenses. The reason that my family works can thus be said to be the social demands. This includes the need to provide basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing for the family members. Everyone in my family goes to work to ensure that we all have our needs met. Additionally, being from an African descent, my family likes to work because of the close social bonds work creates. When working, we always get to interact with different people and get to learn new things from them. This helps to create a sense of social belonging and closeness among my family members.

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Work is generally considered a long-term thing, which enables individuals to meet their daily expenses. In essence, work can also be taken as a basic contributing factor in the shaping of an individual’s character and behavior. Working acts a key foundation for the personality of an individual, for example; in my family, we all feel good when we work because it enables us to provide for one another. I for instance work at a security company, my step farther works at a car dealership belonging to his cousin whereas my mother works at a care centre. I always feel proud of my work because of the fulfillment it gives me; for instance, being young and able to obtain things that I need on my own without depending on my family makes me feel responsible and grown up. My mother however, is not fond of her job. This is because of the negative impacts working has had on her health over the years, thus she struggles with her work. On the other hand, my stepfather has no option, but to work to provide for the family. Despite the long hours he spends working, he is always happy about his work because of the outcome it enables him to achieve; to provide for a family he loves.

Generally, people consider it common knowledge that the type of work one does contributes to the amount of time spent by the individual with their family and friends (Crouter, & Brooth 42). In my family, work has helped to shape our lives in remarkable ways. First, we all get to appreciate one another because of the combined efforts we all put to ensure that everyone leads a comfortable life. Having to work for everything in life has made my parent loving and caring. This is evident in the way they both dedicate their time and effort in ensuring that we are provided for. Additionally, the different types of jobs taken up by my parents have made them hard working people. They both derive different satisfactions from their work. For instance, my mother feels that she belongs because of the direct interaction she gets from the society through participating in different social activities. My father in his part looks forward to having independence in his job by hoping to have his own business. For me, working has enabled me to gain exposure to different things, which have helped me to grow and meet different people.

The varied work experiences of my family members seem to match the varied literal works on the effect of different jobs on the character and social life of an individual. For instance, participating in social activities with other community members helps to create a sense of togetherness and belonging for the participants. This helps to develop trust and dependence on each other. In my case, this is important because of the fact that we live in a new country, thus we need to develop new friendship and fit in the society. Moreover, working has helped to create a sense of responsibility in me and cultivated a nature of hard work in my parents; this aspect has enabled us to be responsible for each other and has brought us closer together as a family.


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