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Freud Sigmund did not have any specific theories regarding the unconscious. At that time, “The Interpretation of Dreams” formed the dominance of the unconscious in the life of a human being which looked like the hearsay. Because of this, it formed the basis of Sigmund’s theories that symptoms and actions are meaningful reflections of people’s unconscious world that made psychotherapy become possible together with other understandings.  This is how the feelings, thoughts and behaviors become affected because of the actions and symptoms.

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In order to better understand personality aspects in relation to pathology, Freud began analyzing dreams. Freud believed that there is nothing that one does which occurs by chance, and that every thought and action is normally motivated by one’s conscious at some level. Freud also believed that the reason for one struggling to remember dreams is due to the superego which is at work. I strongly agree with Freud’s assertions (Freud, 2000).

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The Oedipus complex asserts that a male child will have an unconscious desire or ID in killing his father, in order to sleep with his mother. The Electra complex, on the other hand, is the reverse one that the girl or female child will kill her mother, in order to sleep with her father. However, the girl child believes she is already castrated, and thus, identifies herself with her mother, so as to gain the affection of the male. I strongly disagree with these complexes, since they are odd, as they explain everything to the readers, but tell them nothing.

One aspect of Freud’s theory is the psychosexual development. This theory, despite being the best-known, is also controversial. According to Freud’s theory, it is believed that personality is known to develop via a series of childhood stages, through which the pleasure seeking ID focuses on some erogenous areas. This theory is valid in that the successful completion of these stages leads to healthy personalities. This theory is still applicable in the modern theory through the various human developments from the childhood to adulthood.  

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One of the effects that Freud’s theories have continued to impact both popular culture and psychology is Freud’s belief that emotional disorders arise from the unconscious dynamics. Another example is how Freud purposed the idea of repression which is often used by individuals in explaining things in the contemporary world (Freud, 2012). 

According to Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist, archetypes refer to the models of behaviors, people or even personalities. The psyche, according to Jung, was composed of the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious and the ego components. Archetypes which are manifested in people include: The Self archetype, The Shadow archetype, the Animus or Anima Archetype and the Persona Archetype. The self archetype is manifested in my friends and me, because it represents the unification of the consciousness and unconsciousness of an individual.

I agree with Jung’s ideas regarding the personality types, because some individuals may be introverts, while others are extroverts. Understanding, whether an individual is one of the two greatly helps in creating and maintaining meaningful relationships within the human population. For example, some individuals like to socialize with other people, as opposed to others who prefer to keep to themselves.

Jung’s philosophy of always trying to be ourselves is true in that, it portrays to other people that we are honest, and therefore, easily win their trust. The other side of the coin is that we should not always try to be ourselves, because people will easily use our weaknesses and exploit us to our disadvantage. For instance, being honest makes individuals easily win the support and trust of other individuals, but also negatively affects such people, because they will use this as a weakness in order to exploit people (Jung, 2008). 

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