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The future is little predictable. Because certain accidental occasions often have an impact on the course of events, making a prediction about the future is something like a game of roulette. The most famous philosophers of all times had different points of view concerning the future events, society and the world in general.  This paper is an attempt to combine their thoughts and discuss what our future will be like.

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Plato undoubtedly felt that the world in which we live is not the same as the one that we observe. He believed in the future, but he did not rely on the present. Kant agreed with the famous Greek philosopher, bringing up the concept of "things in themselves", inaccessible to our eyes. Plato, Kant and St. Augustine made an incredible impact on the development of futurology. Their views were based on the theological theory. The central idea of Rene Descartes’ philosophy is the dualism of body and soul, the duality of the ideal and the material world. It accepts both of them – the independent principles Immanuel Kant subsequently wrote about. Nonetheless, Descartes was a rationalist. Placing God in the midpoint, as the supreme Creator, both philosophers knew that the primary purpose of human being was the domination of the man over nature and its resources. Due to their hypothesis, all of us should make the most of our being on earth. That does not matter what exactly it is. The human is above all. Their hypothesis about the creature of a new generation, the creature with many hidden opportunities could be the pivot of predicting the near and far future.

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The world has everything that we need. Rational exploitation and combination of the internal and external things could play a significant role in the future. The future society will live with the leading principle – “progress for progress”. Not because it will be needed, not because the things created by the previous generations will go out of date, but because the rational consuming of mineral resources will require it – going on and forth. Afterwards the human will become the superhuman.

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It reminds of mind transhumanism, which is becoming very popular now. Only several decades ago the electronic computer was invented. Not everybody could afford to have such an expensive and cumbersome equipment. However, today we could barely imagine somebody without any gadget. We use them in every sphere of our life. Rationalism will become uncontrolled. Human feelings and emotions will become something irrational, absurd and unnecessary.

Sartre had another point of view, which was opposite to those of others. As he was the founder of the existentialism, the internal world of a person was critical for him. Due to his philosophy, the freedom and the alienation were the crucial points of future living.  Being an atheist with the freedom of choice, but not the freedom of soul. Such is the essence of the man. That is the human of the future by Sartre. Exploring his philosophy helps to understand that religion is opium for a healthy society. Therefore, in the next generation according to Sartre people will live in the world where the word “religion” will disappear.  People will become egoistic and selfish creatures. After that, will come the alienation, meaning that such kind of individuals will not live in cooperation with others; they do not need each other unless it is for a purpose.

Consequently, according to the great philosophers’ theories, the future world is going to be a place where all people will become a gray mass, the place where individuality will disappear; it will be a place, where everybody will look and fight for individual freedom and wider opportunities. Uncontrolled progress will happen faster than the humankind will develop. It could cause a future shock to people and chaos in the world. However, it does not have to be so bleak, as while people are looking for freedom they will go around the world more and more, the globalization process will intensify and the borders between countries and between nations will disappear.

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