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Public health is an area that has recently raised a number of philosophical issues that needs to be debated. Under the philosophy of public health there are metaphysical queries that indeed must be answered. It also entails political, ethical, social issues that must be addressed. This paper will answer some of the metaphysical questions such as, what is important, what is most valued, what ideals are held, what health means, and what are my personal values and believes about health.

The most important thing about health or public health is that we must learn to balance what our body requires. My philosophy about health is that “I suppose that we must strive to prevent illness via the quest of a well-balanced lifestyle and in cases of sicknesses, we must rebalance the body again using herbal medication or acupuncture.” This is because when one lives healthy, he/she builds his/her immune system, gains body strength, improves thinking, helps in growth and progress, and all these improves oneself all round. Considering the quantity of our food intake, the types of food we eat/nutrients, and avoiding alcoholics/drugs, is very vital to our health.

The most valuable thing is to take small quantities of food regularly and stop missing meals. This is likely to help an individual to lead healthy life. Another valuable thing to the health of human being is fitness. It is vital to always engage in physical activities that are likely to help us lose calories and become more flexible. The Ideal of leading a healthy life is simply combining good nutrition and with exercising as this contributes immensely to a much better state of health. According to World Health Organization (WHO), health is “a state of corporeal, social, and mental welfare but nor merely the absence of diseases/infirmity.” To me I suppose that health is basically, good nutrition, good exercise, emotional and mental well-being, and living in harmony with others and our surrounding/environment.

To sum up, my health philosophy simply emphasizes on prevention of illness and in case of sickness, we must seek herbal medicines. Fitness, societal and environmental health, emotional and mental health, and finally good nutrition must not be compromised.            


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