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According to Bristow (1997), he states that progressivism was a political reform movement which began at around 1890s. It dominated American political landscape from 1900 to 1918, and however, it disappeared in the next decade. Its principal aim was to bring change through government action.

Question One

Change in a political setting is neither rushed nor abrupt; it is something that takes a gradual course. Americans in general desire political progression that is non-partisan; leaders who do not embrace the advancement in development and advocating for equity and equality of Americans have no chance whatsoever to be elected into high level political offices regardless of them being Republicans or Democrats. According to Croly (1914), political leaders who are tied to their party’s ideas without encouraging progress are not considered by the electorates. Americans desire a political atmosphere that fosters social regulations. Conservatism is highly condemned while progressivism is enhanced from all political angles. Civil service reforms are the only route to creating one America; laws to institutionalize organizations protecting them from political influence will catapult democracy across the nation.

According to Debs (2001), he argues that all political parties in America are capitalistic in nature, but the level of capitalism is the one that differs. For instance, the Republican Party covets in gold standards and the war record administration while the Democratic Party nurtured imperialism. The common working American is left with no choice in ether parties, because whichever party succeeds the other the status quo will remain the same. The change that the Americans need is where he will be freed form slavery and a country that all means of production are privately owned. They want control over their lives not to live under the mercy of their masters who exploit them. Debs (2001), states that there is only one method to alleviate poverty as well as to free labor, and this is by developing common property of labor tools. The difference between the two parties has no use to the working class. Economic freedom is all that the working class desire. Political parties are embracing socialism in order to be considered by the working class.

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Monopoly, which was newly found by the Republican Party in 1912 campaign under the leadership of Mr. Roosevelt, was regarded as the only course open to the Americans. Monopoly as a social program was designed to uplift the human race for trusts must be well organized to serve people with good intentions. Organizations and corporations should be well regulated in order to attain the ultimate good for all Americans. In addition, Roosevelt’s manifesto was that trusts should be permanently recognized as part of the economic order which shall be the instruments through which America shall justly and happily develop its industrialization.

Nationalism where there is practical equality to opportunity for all citizens has the following advantages when achieved according to Roosevelt (1961).  First, each American will have the opportunity to use his potentials to accomplish anything within his capacities without interference. Secondly, equality of opportunity means that the commonwealth will get every citizen the highest service of which he is capable (Roosevelt, 1961). With regard to this, the government both national and state must be freed from undesirable influence and control of special interests; these special interests often control and corrupt men and methods of government for their own profits.

Question Two

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Croly’s Progressive democracy is the most radical article; he gives the insights for good governance, encouraging change within political parties, compelling citizens not to look at the party but at the individual as the key factor to foster change and progression in America. Roosevelt’s from the new nationalism is the second most radical article. It creates awareness that every person in America is equal and should be granted equal practical opportunity, in order for him to exercise his full potentials and serve his family and the nations at large. Debs’ The Outlook of socialism in The United States is the third most radical article. He articulates the need to abolish slavery and encourages private ownership of property for the country to forge ahead. Wilson’s from the new freedom comes in last. The article only talks about Monopoly as a Republicans Part’s manifesto to win the 1912 elections.

Question Three

All articles advocate for bettering the livelihood of American citizens. Croly advocates for good leadership to bring the change that will be favorable to both Republicans and Democrats. Debs, on the other hand calls for abolishing slavery and encouraging private property ownership to enhance the lives of all Americans. Wilson on his part explains how people can privately own property while calling upon the government to regulate trusts, corporations and other organizations in order to better the commonwealth of all Americans. Lastly, Roosevelt articulates that every American citizen should be given equal practical opportunity in order for him utilize his potentials for his own good.

Question Four

Croly’s Progressive democracy and Deb’s the outlook of socialism in the United States tend to focus on the political parties rather political systems in America. They have tried to explain what the best is for Americans when it comes to leadership and which leadership will propagate growth and development. On the other hand, Wilson’s from new freedom and Roosevelt’s the new nationalism focus mainly on creating human potentials that will encourage and improve personal capacity to maintain sustainable living standards.

Question Five

From observation and analysis, over the past decades American has adopted Roosevelt’s New Nationalism vision.




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