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John Stuart Mill stated that the happiness of a greater number of people should be put first against those of the few (Mill 33). However, this is not to say that in so doing, the rights of individuals must be and should be overlooked. The dilemma, on the other hand, regarding this situation is whether or not the rights of every individual should be set aside for the good of the majority. For example in the case of bombing incidents where the bomber has been caught and the bombs have to diffused and be found as soon as possible or lots of people will die. Is it necessary to employ torture so as to locate the bombs? It is a known fact that torture is against the law. But then again, the government and the police authority have sworn to protect its citizen and this means that it should be the protector of just not one person but the general public. In this case of the threat of bomb, more innocent lives are at stake if the bombs will not be found in time. The clock is ticking and so as the bomb. Without the right actions, many lives will be lost. The employment of torture in this case scenario is but appropriate even in a democratic society. There is a definite urgency to find the bomb or million lives will be lost. Who should be protected? One bomber or millions of innocent people? Of course, the million lives of innocent people should be protected. It has to be understood that the society punishes law breakers and crime perpetrators. In the same manner, consider torture as part of the punishment for the bomber. There is no other way to do it. The government must sometimes be lenient in the application and interpretation of the laws in order to protect a greater number of people. Remember that protecting one bomber will never justify the loss of hundreds or millions of innocent lives.

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