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It is clear that we as humans living in societies take things subjectively and how we like to tell our stories and experiences to other people and edit them to fit what we want to depict. It is obvious that we all acknowledge the fact that there is a heaven and hell in whatever form we believe, and that many believe that we shall all pass by the same route that Jesus went through. The acknowledgement of hell being the place where the sinners and wrongdoers will meet their doom and heaven being the place where people will be rewarded for their good and humble deeds is noted. The society today is more aware of these two different paths to take in life and we are constantly reminded through the media and other sources of the same.

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The beginning of Dante's long journey also suggests to us how we all are uncertain of the 'end'. We all want to know what will become of us when we die and if there is a continuation of this life or even the beginning of another phase on the other side. Is heaven and hell real? Do they really exist? It just goes on to show how we all as humans are afraid and uncertain of the end. As a society we have gatherings like churches and worship groups which we use as avenues to share and consult on this matter. We seek guidance and solace in our faiths which act as our guides in our spiritual lives. Being together in groups also helps us believe that what we believe shall come to pass and gives us the strength in numbers to actually believe in one course.

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As humans living on earth now we are in constant conflict with what we believe to be right and wrong. Poverty, poor health, disease, dread and hunger drive most of us into crime where we end up hurting each other just to survive another day. Our wants especially to our bodies keep driving us into evil. Dante's characters take on roles that we can identify with on our day to day lives. Even in death we are at crossroads. While some go on to heaven others do go to hell and it is obvious that the differences between these two 'ends' is as parallel as can be. One area is like a reward for those who have had a rather straight forward lifestyle while the other is the eternal doom for the rest. What we as a society keep instilling in ourselves as good character is depicted as having the rewarding end, which is entry into heaven.

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As a society we are constantly in the spotlight because everything we do is visible and punishable by law. We should not forget that the final punishments will be vetted on us in the end. As Dante puts it, the deeper down in hell he goes, the more and darker the sins of those he finds.  Even in death, we are depicted as being in need since those who are already dead are shown as trying to cross over to the side where their loved ones are. We still want the protection and comfort of groups.

Overall, we cannot quite take the individual away from the wholeness of the society. The society offers comfort within its confines and also the feeling of belonging which makes us more comfortable. Together we can believe in a course and help each other when necessary. In the end, we should know that we live as a community now but we will be judged as individuals in the very end. We are also headed to the same inevitable end, death.

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