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Since the year 1789, it has been confirmed that there have been very few women in politics. In fact, women presented only 2% as members of Congress (Dolbeare 121). The history of women in politics has been in existence for quite a long time. The milestone of the whole issue was the right to vote. Women wanted their right to participate in the elections and make their own decisions. Women had been excluded from politic totally and the perception was that they were to stay in the house and take care of the little babies and other household duties. Some years later after a long struggle, that women were later granted some rights like to own property but this was never implemented fro quite some time such that, the rights were only in written form but in practice, it was not in existence (Dolbeare 112). Can you imagine when a woman is still single and works hard to acquire property and land but after she gets married, all this belongs to the husband including her name changes and stars using the surname of her husband. When we look back on how many women have served the senate, we realize that since 1922 to 2006, we have had only 33 women and here 20 came from Democrat party while 13 came from the Republican Party (Rinehart 111). The first woman to be elected to serve as a representative was back in the year 1917 when Jeannette Rankin served from 1917 to 1919. This means that women have been ignored so much in politics and people have that perception that women can not lead in politics. In his book American Political Thought, Kenneth Dolbeare brings out clearly how women have been neglected yet they have the power and the potential to move politics in United States to the next level (Smith 19). There is no much difference between a man and a woman apart from the physical appearance.Women are very competent and they need to come out and speak one voice to only to be seen as housewives but people that can make executive decisions. This does not mean that women should be liberated from the house chores but the house chores should be liberate and women set free to do more that just housewife. Men should put themselves in the shoes of a woman either by the art of empathy or by the aspect of self realization on the law of rights and agree on this issue of including more women in politics. There are so many issues that have been left pending in the bill of rights not because there are no potential thinkers in the house but the real aspect just needed a woman to pose it. Why would a man talk issues concerning womanhood on behalf of a woman? This does not make sense and it will never make sense. Not until we solve this issue of gender equality right from the political point of view. Women at the same time should come out courageously and view for all those position. Politics has no major skills needed like when you are applying for a position as a doctor. Just come out and announce any position and we shall vote for you because we are fed up with so many men in politics. We need to see more and more women in politics. We have had many women who have given excellent performance while in service.

The first woman who led the House of Representatives in the year 2007 was Nancy Pelosi and her work was just marvelous and even if there were errors they were too minimal that we cannot mention (Carroll 88). Peggy Noonan was a speech writer for President Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Dee Dee Myers served as White House Press Secretary under Bill Clinton. These are just but a few of women whom I will always be proud of for their better services. The two women agreed that now time has gotten better for women in Washington DC to come out and engage themselves in politics.Laws on Sex and AbortionThere have been laws that provided women to control their own reproductive process. To control effectively this right, we need a woman in that department. A man has no right whatsoever to speak issues that concerns women only and they speak on their behalf. Apart from women being seen as invisible people in this country, they have been taken as sex objects and that their work is in the house and apart from that is to give birth. It is the right time women to come out and participate in the decision making in politics, religion, and social life. It is this change that we really need and we will have universal change in most aspects in the country. When it comes to politics, they are not just supposed to write minutes of the given ideas but to participate fully in the execution of those ideas. In Religion, they are not just supposed to cook the church supper but to be involved in preaching too (Cohen 41). Not just to do the house chores but to give very executive decisions in any given industry.Women also want to be involved in defining feminine and not leave the men to define for them. They want to be involved in laying long term strategies of how they want their lives to be, how they want their personalities to be and how they want should be implemented to achieve this and not this to be done by men. It is not just for a man to decide how many babies you should give birth. A woman should have a right to her womanhood (Carroll 174). To curb this inequality, we must start by confronting and doing away with our own denigration in our societies. Sex and not women should be liberated and seize from being a bad omen in the societies.Violence in most households has been least understood in this country and most people have buried the aspect of women violence in politics. From statistics in most hospitals there has been more of woman insult and brutal than that of men (Frost 66). Most doctors have reported that the number of women going to hospitals to heal their wounds has remained high and alarming compared to that of men. Because there is no good number of women in the politics, this aspect has been ignored for quite a long time. I do not think if women are different from men and the reason just why men will want to think that they are superior, just beats my understanding. If anything, women are even more superior to men because a woman can determine ones life. Supposing a woman decides t abort, then that is the end of you. Women should lead in overcoming this oppression. The power of a woman in politicsEvidence has shown that women in office have a distinctive manner of tackling politics. They approach it in a manner that leaves their counterparts wondering what strategies they could be using. Women are more approachable, they are considerate, very corporative and responsive when they are tackling the needs and the demands of their constituencies. A study that was conducted with an aim of determining the behaviors of a leader in the US legislature showed that, even when you are controlling the age or mentorship, the chairing of the women committee will reveal integrative rather than competitive and this will basically assist in the solving of the problems (Edelman 11). It has also been proved that women spend more time in meetings and parliamentary commissions compared to men. To be precise, women spend at least 70% of their total time in these parliamentary activities unlike men who spend 26% (Medcalf 21). Men dedicate most of their time in other economic activities and others in their profession or their private businesses. Just take your time and count how many men verses women attend the parliamentary meetings. Remember there are so many men in the parliament compared to women.

There have been so many critique moreover on this issue and men have come out to try and disapprove this theory claiming that women who are in power just try to ape what men do in politics and they cannot be as good as them or they cannot be better than them. They have not proved this anyway so that will remain purely as a theory and I will only tell them that about this issue, it is not a debate, it is not politics, it is the power of a woman. They more women continue associating themselves in politics, the more they will pull more women and the longer they will stay in power. Through this, we will expect much acceptability and more support from the public for women to be in leadership position. We want to see people like Palin next time going for presidential position and opposing Obama. Let us get out of that attitude of I cannot make it and go the bigger positions. Men will wake up one early morning to meet a rude shock on their face when they will declare a woman as the next president. Women should stop seeing their differences but look at their similarities. It is only this that will save them. If they start seeing their differences, then men will take that as an advantage to them and they will use a divide and rule law and they will never allow women to penetrate through to the top positions in the government. Women are now tired of writing speeches, and minutes, they want now to be part of the team that is without doubt leaving an ineligible mark to the livelihoods of many Americans. There need to be ties between the political women and feminist groups who are always women to ensure that women come to power. To ensure this, women must solely ensure that they do not take part fully on the aspect of childbearing and they do not allow themselves to be buried in the house chores.When you go on the opposite side of liberality, you will find radicalism. To understand the American radical tradition, we need to realize that liberalism by itself was not democratic and that the current democracy that we know at present was just a special version that was highly affected by liberalism. Radicalism simply means, going to the root of the problem and finding the real cause, the cure but here, it has been used actually to ensure that there is some connection between radicalism and egalitarianism (Saint-Germain 23). First of all it emphasizes the good aspects or the qualities of a human being here implying both men and women including the children. It also calls for the positive aspects that can be inherited by most of the people if not all. All people are entitled to human rights and opportunities. This avoids the aspect of selfishness among people living in the same community. It is at this point that one will realize why there was a formation of bill of rights in the constitution and there was also laws placed to ensure that the rights are followed or obeyed by every mankind. Government is used or was meant to ensure that all the goals that were to be achieved in the bill of rights and the current constitution are followed and those going against prosecuted. Having this in place, it will definitely reduce the chances of undermining once mankind. There have been many dominant thinkers ignoring this realistic argument claiming that this equality will not make things any better. How can you prove something that you have not experimented? I will be wise if this is experimented and then from there we can say that it did not work. But simply claiming that it can not work when we have not experimented is not an ideal method. Relating this radicalism with democracy, politicians should go back to their drawing board and find out the real cause of the problems in the current society in the whole of America and thereafter come down and solve the problem. That is when we can say we are living in liberal world. There have been so many issues that have left pending and there has really been no answer on the way forward. Most of issues that have not been solved are women related and some of them include; should abortion be legalized? Should reproduction be a family decision, state decision or a woman decision? The point is not if the questions will be answered or not but how fast will they be answered and how effective will they be to the society. There is a need therefore to increase the number of the women in the current politics just to ensure that all the pending issues are sorted out in the right way. Liberalism has not been having major challenges and this had made some scholars to ignore on other possibilities that may occur.Women in political reformed movementsIn the 19th century, it was not appropriate for a woman to speak before a mixed audience. It was considered disrespectful or the woman was not even allowed or given a chance to speak (Saint-Germain 49). That is when Grimke Angelina stood up in one of the public meetings and spoke about slavery. She insisted that if a woman cannot be given an equal chance in the society like a man, then that is purely slavery. The idea of seeing a woman as a weak creature was broadly rejected by the women in the meeting. Women have no weak point and if they have then men are yet to confirm this. There was a parallel movement between the women and the slaves because just like slaves, women were expected to be passive about several issues going on and not to question anything that you feel was not going right, they were expected to be corporative even if the things were just not working and obedient to their masters. Lucy Stone was a feminist and believed firmly on the rights of a woman. In the year 1872, Prohibition Party was the first organization to recognize the rights of a woman that had been overlooked for several years behind. This placed women on the next platform to continue pushing for their other rights (Dolbeare 49). The very first convention for the women rights took place in the year 1848 in Seneca. It is here that women secured their right to education, right to vote and right to expression. Women have grown in politics though at a slow pace but with the assistance of the government and the support of other fellow women, I can see light at the end of the tunnel (Craske 155). I am looking forward to those days when there is a world conference of economy in a certain country like China; I see majority of the representatives are women. That is when I can say there was a change in liberalization in America. In Latin, they have really adopted the use of Quotas and that which represented women politically, performed so well and this resulted to its expansion.Do women support their gender while in officeMany authors have said that it is not obvious that when a woman is in office, she will defend her gender. There may even be chances that she does not have enough knowledge about her gender and therefore may not be in a proper position to make better decisions. There have been broader literatures however showing how women in power have made changes and how they have fought for rights concerning women and children. In United States for instance, several studies have shown that female politicians and office holders have had more interest on the issue that relates to women and children (Craske 31). They have struggled for example to amend the bill for equal right, the rights for the children in the society, abortion right, ensured the enforcement of child support, tackled sexual assaults in a more tactical manner and ensured that the laws that protect these rights are in the constitution and are in the right way. On contrary to their counterparts, women stand a better chance to ensure that there are other policies that introduced on the same line and they most likely will push for it in the parliament and ensure that the policies are passed and even go an extra mile of ensuring that they are implemented. In the year 2002, during a congressional survey on the women's Caucus, 88% of the survey proved that women rights were among their major priorities that they need to ensure its implementations (Welch 37). For the last like three or so decades, women have been proved in achieving constant gains in matters dealing with discrimination, domestic violence, rape cases, and affirmative actions. In Venzuela, there was a female legislator that ensured that the policy of women maternity leave law was implemented. This in fact helped in a big way to reduce case of miscarriages during pregnancy.

Former mayor in Mexico expanded the law under which abortion can be legal. As much as some women do not have much information on their gender, the issue here is not whether they have information; the point is pushing for the already existing policies into the last stage of implementation. When a girl has been reported that she has been raped, the men do not really know how the insult was and that is why they handle this matter lightly and without a lot of weight yet here is an innocent girl who has been raped, impregnated and maybe even has been prone to some dangerous sexually transmitted diseases. Such issues always lead to long-term negative effects and psychological torture.Will more women make a difference in the current politics in AmericaIt is more than obvious that when we have more women in politics, feminine model will be normalized in favor of political power. This has been the biggest argument in parliament and by bringing in or rather allowing more women to the parliament will assist in solving this issue that has been a bottleneck in the country. There have been women in power who have been interviewed as to why they are so interested with politics. Unlike their counterparts, they said that they are not in politics for prestige or fame or for power, but they are in politics to reveal the unknown and save the less fortunate and more so to acquire a concrete reform. Women take power as a possibility in modifying an issue that might be wrong. For a man power is simply showing off. They will just want to be driven around with motorcycles going before and after them and reminding people that they are ministers (Welch 194). Women are also very persuasive and handle issues with some enthusiasm. Women seem to be less congregative that men. Men on the other side enjoy the combative aspect of politics and forget the backbone as to what really drove them to politics. During their campaigns, they give promises instead of proposals.The power of action will save us here; we must use the power of action to finally make women in the society much visible. Visible in the aspect that they can be able to participate in politics in the United States of America by giving sound ideas and coming up with clear strategies on how best we can improve our society on different issues like feminine. This will be very important as it will assist women to walk freely as citizens of America and any other persons. Betty Friedan, in his book of feminine, defended the men saying that the problem of inequality is not really the men but the enemy to be tackled was patriarchy. Government may fail to allocate funds to issues concerning women or if they do then they do not allocate sufficient funds in their budget to ensure that the department does not run short of finance because it is a crucial department that holds the future of the nation.Though it is not clear however if women will really change positively in the American politics, but there are so many perceptions that women have a different aspect that if given a chance, they will bring change to the politics in America. Women have been seen mostly involving themselves in social and educational subjects and avoiding technical aspects like engineering and economics. This in fact gives them a chance to participate more in the politics as politics and not political science is more of social that technical. They perform better in social aspects. People have to move out of the old stereotype and come out and embrace the new changes that are coming. Women also who think that they have a dream of serving the people should also come out loudly and announce that. The first step to success is by announcing what you really want to be and then you can now work towards achieving that goal that you may have set. Here, equality does not mean that the government should set aside a certain number of seats for women, let there be fair competition. Women and men should compete on the same platform without favoring any side and let the public decide on who should lead them. When the government sets aside a certain number of seats for women, then it is going to be a vicious circle, when we finish the fight of looking for the women rights, we will start to seek justice for men and that is not politics anymore.


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