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Assassinations have been historically used as political tools or alert to determine the course of events of prominent persons. Even in modern times, assassination and all its forms continue to take place in different nations in the world. A unique characteristic of assassination is a series of failed consequences of almost all elements of justice. As studied in the political science, assassinations do not only affect the targeted political figures but also the believers of their ideologies. Political assassinations are offences committed to betray a person’s allegiance to the principles that bind his political order and the criminal attempt to challenge his political authority. However, behind many historical killings there were religious motives partly justified by religious animosity amongst the followers (Spignesi, 48). The case of Robert F. Kennedy is an ideal example of political assassination but disguised by the authority as religious based.

Robert Francis Kennedy was amongst the few people who moved the world a great deal. However, the enemies of greatness were tempted to bend the history, but it is the responsibility of advocates of justice to make a change no matter small and in total change a generation. It is from various acts of belief and courage that the human history was shaped. Each time he stood firm on the ideal of improving lives of others other than his. His synergy dared to sweep down the mightiest of the oppressors of justice and their resistance. 

Considering the circumstances of the bizarre nature in which Robert Francis Kennedy was assassinated, there were no objective facts established. The government published nothing on the official story about him and the alleged murder made no sense to them. According to the investigating team, the Los Angeles Police department released no details of their investigation and destroyed hundreds of crime scenes that would have enabled them gather evidence. Thus, they destroyed the bullet hole at the scene of crime and shredded numerous pages of eye witness interviews. In 1986 the police released a summary of their findings instead of full report.

At the time of Robert Francis Kennedy’s death, the American populace was still naïve on matters involving assassination. The grade school conditioned them to think that assassination was only conducted by a single individual. But historically evidence shows that when a nationally recognised political leader was murdered, the likelihood of conspiracy was high (Schutze, 81). During the murder of R. F. Kennedy in 1968, there was no particular statute established against the murder of political candidates. Therefore, the whole investigation was controlled by Los Angeles Police Department which formed the most corrupt state department at the time.

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The communist political connection

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the alleged assassin, was reported to have murdered Robert F. Kennedy due to his strong support of Israel. The assassination took place on the first anniversary of the famous Six Day War where Israel defeated their Arab neighbours. According to Sirhan’s diary, there were repeated phrases of ‘long live communism’ and ‘RFK must die’. The dedication of Sirhan as political prisoner some years after the report explained the facts that indeed Kennedy’s assassination was perceived in political nature (Gisevius & Bernd, 46).

The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was surrounded by various conspiracy theories as brothers of Kennedy reported. There were non-standard accounts of assassination from various sources, such as the intelligence agency, the police and pathologists from the night the murder took place in Los Angeles, California. Robert Kennedy was assassinated when he sought a democrat nomination for US presidency after successful campaign of the primaries in California (Lentz, 130). The 24 year old perpetrator, a Palestinian immigrant, was apprehended at the scene of crime and remained incarcerated by 2013. However, Sirhan was taken to trial in January 1969 but the case did not go through and was convicted three months later. The theories surrounding the death of Robert Kennedy bore no fruits as the FBI judged them as erroneous after they were examined in the investigation. It was so ironical and unfortunate that the assassin was made a hero in the eyes of justice.

Religious connections

According to Lentz and Harris, the media was compelled to convince the public that Robert Kennedy was murdered for religious and ideological reasons because Sirhan was an immigrant from Pakistan. According to the biography released by the investigating team, Sirhan was said to have been possessed by some mystical powers that were believed to empower his control of all events in his mind. Psychiatrists were highly determined that he was susceptible to hypnosis and this might have been the source of strange writings traced in his diary. His writings continuously maintained in the diary made people believe that he had been a real Manchurian candidate that was specifically programmed to kill Robert Francis Kennedy but failed to recall who put him to task.

Facts about assassination

The powder burns on Robert’s cloths revealed that all three wounds emanated from a gunshot in close range but all the witnesses claimed that the gun could not possibly have done that as Sirhan was not that close. Sirhan’s gun could only hold eight bullets, seven of which were dug out of other bodies and the eighth was traced through the ceiling airspace. But more bullets were recovered lodged in the doorframe. Inexcusably, the doorframes were burned but the Los Angeles Police Department denied any claims.

Three bullets found in Robert’s body and one in his jacket were inclined in an upward angle about 80 degrees, yet the witnesses claimed that the gun point was completely horizontal for the shots. Another contradictory statement was that four bullets hit Kennedy from side but the witnesses’ arguments were that Robert Kennedy was walking towards his assassin.

It was obvious that Sirhan shot at Kennedy, but it was not clear whether there was someone else who fired and no other assassin was established. This adds to the allegations that there was more than one individual in the murder gang. Due to various powerful government branches, the actions swung instantly to protect the second assassin (Laucella & Linda, 34). The existence of second assassin proved that powerful government wing was behind the murder itself due to their calculated manipulation of evidence to keep Sirhan as a decoy. In 2012, a documentary by the Ethel films recounted most of the political and personal events of Robert Kennedy’s life following the five day visit to South Africa where he delivered his famous speech “Ripples of Hope” at Cape Town University. His political opponents sensed a high rated threat in the offing and the plot of his assassination was implemented.

In conclusion, when any powerful division of government commits such a great crime, only a section of its top people is involved along with several others down the chain of command. At minimum, the government divisions involved were the FBI, CIA, LAPD and military intelligence with deeper roots in Pentagon. If indeed these groups coordinated the murder of the would-be president of the US, it is hard to imagine another power responsible for making such decisions. It can also be rational to deduce that most aggressive foreign power hubs were involved in the era of new world orders.


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