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For several years, politicians have used vicious political rhetoric to defend themselves and ensure that they are achieving a positive result through out their campaign and their voting. There have aroused several tough debates during the campaign period mostly on the television and radios broadcasts and we have seen politicians exchange words to each other just to secure their ego. They give promises claiming that they are proposals that they will make sure they achieve if given a chance to rule. The problem is that they forget so fast that they are just there for a reason and for a season and that they will be ejected if they do not perform.There has been a psychological theory, which states that fighting increases the popularity of a candidate and his personal aggressiveness. This will never be true. I am trying to visualize seeing if there is any candidate who forcefully got into the authority and people are happy for him being there, I see none. There has been so many recorded cases instead in other countries that have ended up into a major political wars in there countries because of violent rhetoric. Politicians would rather use sarcastic language than violence. Both are not the best methods either but at least one is better of compared to the other (Benson, 1989). Kalmoe Nathan in his article of July 7th 2010 poses that rhetoric violence increases support from the general public. The people who support are probably those with low personalities. Scholar and intellects will never support these.Big Debates in UniversitiesAn article posted by Citizen Jayne on October 12th 2010 was a complete blow to the public. It was a debate between the two candidates who were aspiring to be state governors. The argument was so hot such that one had to leave while the debate was still on. Are these the leaders we want, one who cannot withstand the heat, one who cannot defend himself, and that is why I insist that sometimes it is good to be sarcastic and you will see a miracle that you were not expecting. Your close competitor will just stand and walk away and the whole space for you. Emmer Tom of Republican Party in his experience says that he has run a small business. I was left to wonder, is that an achievement or an experience? How was it going to assist him if he gets his new job of state governor anyway? How different is he from me because I also have a small business of E bay.

To simply say that he has a small business leaves so many questions unanswered. Small business ranges there income from zero thousands of dollar. Where exactly is his business. I have known republicans for avoiding paying tax, and I proved this when Emmer just say simply, I have a small business (Brock, 1989). How does this translate into one becoming a Governor anyway? Dayton his running mate has an experience as a senator in US. Emmy tends to differ with Dayton on the side of wealth. He asks what Dayton has done to improve the economy. I wonder what Emmy has personally done. They are all not paying tax period. Horner states that he took a big risk when he had five children all less than five years and invested a lot of money to a business that he was not sure if it will succeed but luckily it did. You see he says "luckily" and indeed it is just luck that made it succeed. It was a good idea to invest, what about the several children all under five years that he has. Can a common man manage this? Economically this is not right. When I will be asked who has the right experience here, you must by this time be having an idea of my choice but I am to give you a clue, I will confidently vote none (Denton, 2005).Rhetoric heats up as congressional race remains tight and stiffFinally there was a conclusion that the running mate were on a neck to neck competition. Ann Kirkpatrick of democrat has been on toss so much just to make sure he wins the stiff competition. When you go for her hand, she will come for your neck. Republicans aspect of them rejecting the healthcare has proved them to be unbiased. This was proved when Kirkpatrick voted Obamacare and disappeared never to be seen in her constituency. While trying to analyze their personal life, it was realized that Kirkpatrick had delayed paying the property tax in the year 2003 and the interest charged was 23.55 (Dorsey, 2008). Gosar her running mate had delayed paying the tax twelve times and the interest charge was $ 2928.The most important aspect that should be questioned is if it is later paid or not. Whether the payment is made late or not, that is not important because after all there are penalties to this. I will agree with Gosar who pays his property tax late because he has donated free services in a certain healthcare of the same value or sometimes even more. Paying tax should not be a priority, as a matter of fact, it should be done away with completely or reduce them starting with this property tax. I have never seen its importance neither do I see the value of my money. I will rather take the same value I give as tax and go give the poor people than giving it to some few fellows to line up their pockets. It is common sense and I am just saying it for the sake of those who may have a deficit of the same that; unemployment benefit should be eliminated, eliminate federal student loan, we should do away with corporate income taxes, and eliminate social securities of if that sounds difficult, then privatize them. I voted for neither of the aspirants simply because they still do not know what we want (Dorsey, 2008).

They undertake smear campaigns just to lieu. If for instance Gosar wins, the circle will still go on. When we voted Republicans, they disappointed, when we voted Democrats, they still disappointed us, what next, vote libertarian next time. I am sick and tired about this healthcare rhetoric. Healthcare was badly needed and now it there though not perfect. Why are people mad about Obamacare? They should have formed republicare then instead of doing completely nothing. Former president Bush should have been on the front line to ensure this. Who ever knew that the constitution was going to be used by the so many coming generations? There is no need of taking us back to the constitution on petty issues if we have so many to enjoy from the same constitution. I am quiet confident that our constitution was written by very intelligent citizens who had seen the future of this land in their dreams and did their best and so there is no point twisting the constitution. If it was created when the people it were to serve were only 3 million and now it is serving more than 300,000 million people, what makes it imperfect. Already it has beaten the law of statistics and managed to serve the unpredictable number.Minority and Religion as an issue in Rhetoric PoliticsRecently, John Cooksey a representative from Louisiana tried to undermine a certain religion forgetting that these people may come together and speak one voice. The sad part is that in religions like Muslims, you do not give up until you win even if it means dying in the process. They believe that when you die claiming your rights, then you will definitely go to Allah. I am not sure if this is right or wrong but I will not go for this option. However much it is written in their Holy book, it is not ethical. There has been this attitude of not considering the minorities in the society politically. The minorities are people who are scarce and have a unique description like in Iraq the minorities are the Christians living there. If we take all types of minorities and put together, then we will not be talking of minority anymore. For example if we take the minorities in race, religion, and disability, then we will not be talking of minority anymore. Peter Luke say that before anyone thinks of winning any position as a governor in November, then one should ensure that he or she wins in August. It does not follow that if you do not win in the August elections, you will not definitely win come November.As the dates for elections gets near, and you hear cases like the Quaran was burnt, the Mosque that was built in town has been demolished, and then people may stand to watch rude shocks because they will never believe when they will see the so called minority group coming together and speaking one voice. The problem here is that you are not sure of the remaining group if they will too speak one voice but in most cases it never happens. In fact, some of the people from the majority team may move with the swaying wind hence adding the number of the minority team and about the results, I better not talk about it here. A good example is when president Obama won his seat for presidency, there were so many volunteers who wanted to know more about him and specifically about his religion. There was even a case where a person was caught at the airport in Kenya a country where the president originated. He had come to launch books that had talked completely negatives about the president. This is not wrong anyway if they are your campaigning strategies. In fact, they assist so much and the other opponent is not careful, he may loose out in your favor. It was probably unfortunate that he was caught up with time and to surrender to the Kenyan laws may Kenyans could not also sit back and watch their son being betrayed in their own land but that was a good and courageous step and there was absolutely nothing with that. We can simply say those were his campaigning strategies and they are allowed. It is just using a little bit extra brain apart from what you normally use.How to Reform EducationIn the article that was written by Tim Pugmire and Melanie Sommer, the three candidates; Mark Dayton, Tom Emmer and Tom Horner appeared before the debate on Minnesota public radio and they all seemed to agree that education department need to be improved. How it is going to be improved is where they differed. According to Emmer, he blames President Dooher for blocking education reforms. Dayton does not mention anyone by name but says that he will put in place proper school reforms. From my analysis, I do not see a strong point that will really push me to cast for anyone my vote. Someone should have talked of eliminating educational departments and doing away with students loans then we could be on track. Students' loans just leave the students more desperate. The loan should be used to do some other constructive activities or even invest in improving the facilities of public schools. Education Departments are increasing the taxes in the country for nothing and they should be slashed from the system. We are not ready to continue paying huge taxes and the people who are making us do so are not bringing any reform to the country. If justice is paying someone who is not working huge money and leave a needy child drown in poverty, then justice does not exist and if it does I do not know its definition.The removal of education department and student loans will simply lead us to the big debate that has been going on and their big aspect being tax reduction or how best this small evil should be handled (Ellis, 1998). I agree with the many priorities given by the three candidates including; increasing investment in education. But as long as this will not just affect our pockets by asking for more tax to achieve this, then I have no problem with that. Once this will involve tax giving, then they will rather do away with that objective as early as this as this will mean no votes to them. They can come up with other ways of financing this like financial projects can be implemented. There have been so many discussions regarding what should be given priority if it health or education. The republican have been seen supporting education and opposing the healthcare probably because they failed to come up with a better one during their regime. All these are important factors but when we analyze critically, you will agree with me that health comes first. Let us look it this way, between an egg and a chick which one comes first. As much as some people may not agree with me on this aspect of education that health comes first, then you will have to listen on the recent speech that was given by the president of the United States of America. Among the three candidates, I will give a credit to Dayton who would rather delay to pay tax and go donate healthcare services. He has skills in agencies state governments because that is what he has been doing for the last nine years therefore he has widely acquired more skills from the same. He says that he can easily be in a position to manage an executive office if given a chance to do so. Emmer challenges him by asking how he has been using his position if he has not reduced the number of unemployment in the country. He insists that there is no confidence in him and if the same position or a better position is given to him, he may not bring any change or if he does, then we should expect very little. He is challenged why he closed his offices after receiving threats of terrorism. Who will just sit back and watch death coming? It is only the cowards that live longer. If you pretend to be confident then you will die very first. It is good if we comfortably reach the age of Carl Max or even go beyond his year.

As much as political leaders and other aspiring candidates are considering the influence of emerging voters' pool, xenophobic rhetoric and its diverse effect should never be ignored as this can directly have an impact to the political and civil societies considering color and the race. It is a high time people to ignore the religion part and stop associating it with their politics. How does religion match with politics anyway? If we were to physically match the two, they will repel explanations being they are of the same poll, positive and positive poll do not just match. Nikki Haley was affected by the religion while campaigning in South Carolina and had to change his current religion to win more votes for a governor position (Vitanza, 1994).Mike Pompeo also changed or did he hide his religious status from the public just to acquire more favor from the public. We are not even sure if he is a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim. It is only him and his God if a tall he has one who knows his religion. In another article posted by Deepa Priya said that Mike Pompeo was not a Christian. Who cares the religion he was going? As long as someone is competent and sober enough to deliver to the public, so be it. We do not need pastors to rule us anyway and where is it written that you must be a believer for you to be a leader? Probably there is no supreme being, we are yet to confirm this when time comes which I hope it will. So even if you are a Muslim or a Buddhist and you think you can take up a position in the government or become the next president, come on put on the right armor and stand up courageously and announce your position. We the academicians will support you fully (White, 1992). It is not your business to touch peoples soul, what is important is how many peoples' lives will you have changed in your period of service as far as economics, political and social life is concerned. You can encourage people to go and worship but be smart do not tell them which day or where they should go lest you are judged.Generally, community people have been split into four groups depending on the xenophobic comments that have been given by these politicians; liability in politics; foreigners or non citizens; internal security threats; unfit to political offices. Normally, such comments get to its climax when the election dates gets near and nearer. You will get to hear issues like; Quran was burnt or the building of a certain mosque in the city has been stopped. Bush administration was on the front line in assisting the rich to live longer and assign the poor to die faster. He had really read the economy and knew that while the rich are supposed to become richer then the poor should become moor poorer and that is the gap that is there between the rich and the poor.


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