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Creative city policies may differ in the political set up and property-led regeneration only if sustainability three-pillar concepts are separated. However, in case property-led regeneration programs are adequately funded and backed by urban planning policies, sustainability of such projects can be guaranteed. In a bid to achieve this feat, the private sector must come out strongly to take over the implementation phase of this new phenomenon of building a sustainable community. A proven case on the applicability of the three pillars is the development of Toronto's central waterfront. According to Susannah, (2009), "Political support for sustainability by the TWRC and different scales of the public and private sector interests have encouraged a connection of these broad sustainability principles with current and future urbanization practices on the central waterfront."

Whenever a lot of emphasis is laid in the political support there is bound to be communal understanding of property-led regeneration programs because awareness is created through political forums. For a guaranteed success of urban regeneration programs, political will and urban policies must be harmonized. Susannah, (2009) affirms that "The literature on policy-led gentrification is important for understanding how sustainability and intensification policies have become cornerstones of public urban policy agendas. In North America and a number of European countries the gospel of regeneration of new cities backed with sensible urban policies have led to the success of these projects. In the United States, regeneration policies have been on the rise with the only limitation being lack of adequate federal funding; but federal administration has shown political willingness to back the projects.

More responsibilities therefore lie on local authorities. The case is different in Britain where policy and implementation of regeneration projects is carried out by the national government. Property-led regeneration in the UK has been initiated via initiatives like, "Urban Development Corporations (UDCs), Enterprise Zones (EZs) and grant assistance to fund property development in inner cities areas," (Tiwari and Rastogi, 2010, p. 6). Therefore politics creative cities policies and political set up can work perfectly in property-led regeneration.


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