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Death penalty is the punishment advanced to individuals who commit crimes against humanity. In many cases, people subjected to the death penalty are considered as a threat and it is it believed that the sentence amounts to the crime they have committed. However, not everyone shares the opinion that people should be subjected to the death penalty. Three main reasons abound why people should not be subjected to the death penalty and these include the fact that it usually affects the taxpayers in terms of the costs involved, it violates the right to life, and at times, it subjects innocent people to accidental executions.

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This essay explicates reasons for the abolition of the death penalty.

Firstly, death penalty has an immense impact on taxpayers in terms of costs involved. Research indicates that a lot of money has been pumped into the death penalty ever since its enactment in some states. For instance, New Jersey has spent almost over $250 million ever since the death penalty was effected. In my opinion, this staggering amount could be employed in incarcerating offenders. Notably, maintenance of prisoners is cheaper compared to imposing them on the death penalty.

Secondly, the death penalty should be abolished because it violates people’s right to life. Most religions do consider the death penalty as immoral and not standing for what God intended. In addition, the constitution gives everyone a right to life; thus, subjecting people to the death penalty violates the same right that the constitution advocates for.

Lastly, the death penalty is blamed for many innocent deaths. This is because States do not have enough powers to stop accidental executions. In addition, the representation that a convict gets really matters. Some lawyers have resulted to accidental executions through misrepresenting their clients. However, misrepresentation is also blamed on the lawyers’ low wages and inexperience.

In conclusion, various arguments abound regarding the death penalty whether it should be abolished or not. In my opinion, the death penalty should be dealt away with as it impacts on the tax payer’s money significantly, denies people their right to life and it sometimes leads to accidental executions.


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