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Democracy now is a website that deals with political issues that rock different parts of the world. It deals with contemporary political issues, and the impact that these issues have on the world. However, most issues presented in this site are issues that affect America. In fact, most issues discussed relate to the American setting.

Dozens Killed in Syrian Bombing of Rebel-Held Town

This article explores the evils of war that is facing Syria. The author of this article gives a description of the killings that have occurred in the recent bombings, in Syria. These deaths have claimed a lot of lives. Many of those who died were women and kids. These people had sheltered in mosque, and this proves that there are no places that are safe in Syria. The Syrian situation has been worsening, and the innocent people continue suffer a lot. They are caught in the crossfire of the fighting groups, and they are helpless. Sometimes, they become sitting ducks in the line of fire.

Many philosophers including Martin Luther King, Socrates, Dworkin and Karl Marx were against aimless killings. They felt that people should be protected. However, in Syria, people are not protected, and they are left to die. Socrates does not embrace the idea f democracy, but he feels that the people in power should protect the subjects. He says that leaders should ensure the safety of the masses. He says that democracy makes the thoughts of people work towards a common goal. In most of these cases, people do not have good ideas for the state. Therefore, they end up coming with poor policies that affect the whole state. In this light, Socrates advocated for leadership guided by very few people who are equipped with skills that can lead the country.

The Syrian Crisis can be solved using Socratic ideologies. This is because people with good leadership skills will take control of the state, and they will make the best decisions that will drive the state. This will avoid many instances of war.

Texas and Planned Parenthood Misunderstanding

In the society, people hold diverse ideologies. These ideologies could either work for or against the advancement of that society; majority of the populace may support these issues while another group rejects. Thus, the society might reject good ideas that are presented. Conversely, the society could oppose ideas that could work against the society. Such is the case between Texas and Planned Parenthood. The two institutions want to defend their ideologies, but the masses stand to lose. This is because the withdrawal of one party will lead to the inefficiency of the other.

The state of Texas does not support abortion, but Planned Parenthood does. However, these two groups have been coalescing in treating patients. Recently, the State of Texas has threatened to end the joint health program. This is likely to have a big impact to the people. This is because the State of Texas might be unable to provide healthcare to all patients under Planned Parenthood. Both groups have many reasons for their divergent perspectives on this issue. Texas emphasizes on the important of the family while Planned Parenthood emphasizes the plight of an individual.

Martin Luther once said that people should always solve their problems in a sober manner; they should examine all alternatives before concluding an issue. In this sense, Texas and Planned Parenthood should examine the likely consequences of their impending separation. The people will suffer since many people will not access health services. On the other hand, Texas will be uncomfortable in that the family institution may be corrupted by this move. However, the two institutions should come up with clear policies to ensure that health care is provided to the people. The best method will be the method that will address the issue in a democratic manner.  

Boston Police Spied on Protests, Meetings

Karl Marx believed in the power of the masses. He said that people should determine the leadership in their society. Therefore, according to Marx, people should be allowed to participate in democratic reforms that will transform the society for the good of all people. Karl Marx also said that a regime that did not prioritize the needs of all people should be toppled by all means; he reasoned that this will solve the problem of people before the whole society crumbles. However, other people such as Martin Luther King called for peaceful demonstrations.

In this case, police spied on people during meetings. In so doing, they violated the rights of people to express themselves. People have a right of holding meetings, and the police should not interfere (unless the people are disrupting peace). However, the police even spied on church groups that did not have anything to do with terrorist or peace disrupting ideologies. The police force has continued breaking the privacy of these groups by secretly spying on the meetings. Police also continue holding documents on these meetings; apparently, the federal rules say that these files should be expunged. The police force has also continued holding such documents against these rules.

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The groups can have the police sued since the police are engaged in acts of violating the liberties of these people. People have the rights to hold meetings to advance their progress. However, these proceedings are violated by the police since the police spies on these groups. This violates the privacy of such groups. The police seem to advance Dworkin’s ideas that states that the state is very controlling, and violates privacy of the citizens. Dworkin says that the state has put in place many rules that guide the affairs of people, and these rules deny people democracy. Therefore, according to Dworkin, there will never be complete democracy.

U.S., Iran Deny Report of Nuclear Talks

There have been a lot of conflicts between America and Iran because of Iran’s nuclear project. America seeks to stop Iran from continuing with the nuclear project, but some Iranian officials have continued to push for the continuation of the nuclear project. Socrates believed that people should not endanger the lives of other people; he opposed democracy because he believed that the society comprises of dissimilar people. These people have different interests that are likely to crash. If these interests clash, the society is likely to engage in war. This has happened in the case of Iran. Some people feel that they should continue with the nuclear projects, but others do not support this. However, the project kicked off although it was not supported by all people.

Many of these philosophers rejected ideas of mass destruction. They felt that people did not have rights to kill other people. For instance, Martin Luther fought for the rights of the black in America, and he felt that they should not be mistreated. Karl Marx also worked for the good of the poor, and he advocated that people should take up leadership positions. He said that the people had the power to topple oppressive regimes. In this case, the American and Iranian governments should seek for means of ending the stand up that has been there. All humans should feel secure without having to worry about nuclear attacks. The citizens of Iran should also feel secure, and they should not worry about an impending attack by the American government. Therefore, the Iranian government should end the nuclear project; this will ensure and assure peace to all people. There should be dialogue before any attacks are made; this will avoid a lot of likely consequences of war.

Kuwaiti Police Uses Stun Grenades and Teargas on Protesters

The citizens of Kuwait were opposing the Monarchy’s bid for changing election laws. The people felt that it was illegal for the monarch to change laws; they felt that this move was self serving. The monarch in Kuwait controls the whole country, and it is faced by a lot of opposition since Kuwaitis feel that monarchs are not acceptable; democracy should be the basis of leadership. However, Socrates would see this move in another perspective. Socrates did not advocate for democracy. Translating and catering for the needs of all, according to Socrates, will be very difficult. This would present a lot of challenges to implementation of these rules since people are different, and they will react to these rules in different manners.  Socrates felt that few people should be selected to rule, and their rule should not be questioned. He reasoned that many people can be influenced by wrong ideas, but few people will have a chance of reasoning things out.

In this case, (using Socratic principles) the police were justified to use force on the protesters. This is because mob ideology is very dangerous, and it could lead to destruction of property. On the other hand, a monarch will take time to construct ideas that will be used for leadership. These ideas will constitute the best thought ideologies, and they will work when applied in leadership. However, people feel cheated in that they are not consulted. Perhaps, this is what led Dworkin conclude that there can never be a complete democracy. In Dworkin’s ideologies, humans always seek for means of coming up with an ideal society. However, all societies have conflicts that rock them. These conflicts arise as a result of the interactions in the society. Therefore, people who focus on this issue using Dworkin’s theory will support the masses for their participation in the protests. Additionally, Marx will support the masses; the masses hold the power, and the leaders are just custodians of this power.

Child Dies in Panamanian Protest

People in Panama have been protesting over the sale of a land that is owned by the state. They feel that it is wrong to sell land that should be preserved for public use. In fact, these people are advancing Marxist ideologies that state that the masses should carry the power of the state; without the citizens, no state can exist. These protests led to the killing of an innocent child. This puts the morality of the police in question; they should not use live bullets top quell protests. This is because the police are expected to maintain order and protect the citizens. However, the police in this scenario open fire to demonstrators and they end up killing and wounding people. In so doing, the police force is preventing people from expressing their rights of expression. People have a right of airing their grievances at all times. The state should listen and act on these grievances since the role of the state is to cater for the citizens.

The government in Panama is a democratic government, but the government does not conserve the property owned by the state. This is wrong since people entrust these resources to the government. Dworkin said that democracy can not be absolute, and this is a clear scenario of this claim. This is because people have a government that should address these issues, but the government just goes ahead to sell public property. The people feel cheated, and they wage demonstrations to stop this sale. These people act against Socrates’ ideologies of an ideal state. Socrates seeks for a system that will cater for the needs of all people; however, in this case, the people entrusted to run the government do not do this well. They exploit their positions, and they want to benefit. This has made the masses act to stop these things from happening. In this case, the masses are correct in condemning the actions of the government. However, the masses are also destroying some property; hence there can never be a complete democracy. A democratic system, according to Dworkin, just assumes some characteristics of a full democracy as advocated by Karl Marx.

Federal Judge Blocks Arizona Law Targeting Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood provides abortion to its clients, and this has made brought this group a lot of conflicts with pro lifers.  This is because the pro lifers feel that this group does not respect human life. They believe that the onset of human life is the conception, and abortion should remain illegal. However, some states have realized abortion, and the only barrier to a full implementation of the moral ideals presented by this issue.

Planned Parenthood argues that a person’s life is important, but people should not be presented with “problems” that will compromise their comfort; this group focuses on an individual. They argue that a person, not law, should determine her course of life. In this light, people can abort if they feel that abortion will be the best method to save them troubles. Martin Luther believes that life of all people should be protected; he feels that divorce is wrong since life has already begun. Therefore, this article goes against Luther’s sentiments of a society that is free from abortion.

Ahead of Final Debate, Obama Chides Opponent on "Romnesia"

The American presidential debate has attracted people from all parts of the world. In fact, many people watch the proceedings of the American presidential debate between Romney and Obama. America takes the lead in the world’s politics, and the debates act as an eye opener to many counties. In fact, many countries have said that they will hold their own presidential debates.

The two leaders, Obama and Romney, oppose Socratic ideals of democracy. Socrates does not support these ideas. However, the two leaders believe that democracy in the world will pave the way to development. This is because people in chaotic countries will feel free to contribute to the economies of such countries. The two leaders have promised to advance policies that will promote democracy in the world.

The two leaders reflect some Marxist ideologies; they believe that people should be empowered. The two believe that empowering people will empower the economy. Therefore, they both have some strategies for ensuring that people are empowered. Such strategies involve things like job creation and good medical care among others. They also emphasize on education and the importance of education to the people.

However, the two leaders also reflect some Dworkin’s ideologies. There can never be a complete democracy, and these leaders feel that some things must be sacrificed so as to enable progress. They believe that some people will be disgruntled from these economic policies, but they believe that these methods will solve America’s problems. This proves that Dworkin was true to say that a complete democracy does not exist.


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