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The debate between W.E.B. Dubois and Booker T. Washington deals with the economic and social position of African-Americans in society and their growth opportunities. W.E.B. Dubois insists that racial discrimination and segregation is a problem for many people involved in social relations. The duty of black people is to resist greatly oppression and discrimination from whites. Members of different groups traditionally have been underrepresented and disadvantaged socially, politically, and economically. Many black citizens and other minorities do not believe in fair treatment. They think that different standards are used for minority communities, i.e. who have more money can expect higher level of police service. In contrast to W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington supposes that African-Americans are inferior racial group and has to accept slow progress and development of their population. Washington underlines that many racial and ethnic minorities have a skeptical belief for social system and education (Moore 98). In order not to allow increasing of violence, social system shall work in order to establish partnership and friendly relations with minority communities. The State and minorities do not work together in a good way mostly because of fear they feel from both sides. From the one side, the state system may give badges to people who suddenly realize that they have a lot of power. Booker T. Washington supposes that African-American people should “cast down a bucket” and accept their low social place in society. Although behavior cannot always be predicted on the basis of whether it is culturally shaped or social learned, it is probable that employer recognition considerably encourages acceptance of diversity. Overt behavior is likely when there is willingness to accept Arab Muslim ethnic group as a part of the staff (Moore 90).

The debate shows that perception of African-American people depends greatly on personal views and ideologies of its leaders. Still, W.E.B. Dubois is right that African-American people have the same biological genes and so should have the same social privileges as other racial groups. Discrimination is still one of the main problems affected modern society and human relations in different spheres. The prejudices are a part of negative image of different ethnic group associated with terrorist attacks and jihad movement. Segregation and racism are interlined and become apparent in all social spheres of life. These negative attitudes are learnedmainly from mass media and negative publicity. The American society learns most of attitudes from TV news and press. As ego-deflating as it may be to accept, it is a fact that a few political leaders invent attitudes for most people. An attitude about racial diversity, for instance, is a complex perceptual invention, and society is not perceptually creative. The superiority of native citizens or inferiority of Arab-Muslim group (as contrasted to that of a person is not obvious; not many casual observers can perceive significant group differences. Also, there are more differences within racial or ethnic groups than between them (Moore 96). Unfortunately, most state institutions and agencies bring racial differences to work with them--bags packed by other people. This behavior is magnified when foreigners come to the United States. Specifically, it is their negative attitudes, stereotypes, prejudices, and ethnocentrism that become barriers to including African-American people in diversity plans. Americans often become defensive and feel threatened by African-American people workers. Even when they are in other countries as foreigners and must adjust to a dominant culture, they resist. Racial discrimination is a result of social and political factors affected the American society for many centuries. Personal and individual prejudices and negative attitudes towards other racial groups are the main factors of discrimination.


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