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Political arguments and debates are logical presentation of facts in a bid to support or oppose a political opinion and stand (Hamilton and Madison, 2001). Political arguments have often been biased due to emotional attachment of people presenting the arguments with a failure to offer a balanced approach to such arguments. This paper will be seeking to establish erroneous approach to political arguments. This will be achieved in the focus on an editorial article about the democracy displayed by the Jamaica Labour Party in their internal elections.

Strengths of the Article

According to Jamaica Bserver newspaper, the Jamaica Labour Party displayed mature democracy during their party election demonstrating their capability to handle the next Jamaica’s government. The editorial team while expressing their satisfaction of the party’s election’s outcome showered their Labour party with credentials of improved democracy in its elections.

The Jamaica Labour Party having experienced little democracy in the past in such events as party elections was recognized by the article for its smooth transition of leadership. The transparency of the party’s election was cited as a great achievement coupled with the absence of tensions in the event. These proved to be a proper premise for the support of editorial opinion.

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Despite being pictured as siding with the Jamaica Labor Party actions, the article builds its opinions on a wide range of information gathered to authenticate the presented facts. While quoting several leaders and considering the trend of the party’s history on its internal activities, the article proves to build its strength against partisan view. These numerous assertions seek to establish the infallibility of the editorial position regarding the subject of the article.

In addition to presenting information from the party’s leaders, the article is summarized by stating challenges which still looms the party in their quest for country’s governance. According to the editor the Jamaica Labour Party must be prepare to tackle these challenges in order to be beneficial to the country’s citizen. 

Weaknesses Of Presented In the Article

The article also associated the outcome of the party’s election with the responsible authority of the party. This brought about the success of the party’s election. Though such argument could be true, the editor failed to substantiate his argument with valid facts on how the leadership of the party might have contributed towards such success.

The article basing its reasoning on the comments of the party’s leaders after the outcome stated an improved capacity of the party to steer the country on its path to growth and development. Since the leaders of the party would desire to publicize their own party against its opponents, these remarks would be expected to be biased as they originate from staunch members hence possibility of the article being biased.

However, it is without question that the drastic structural changes in the Jamaica Labour Party could have been caused by their latest loss in the March 2012 elections. The loss could have been the driving force of such changes though the leadership of the party did not consider such facts to contributors in the party’s actions. Moreover, the party might have been seeking to please its supporters after a questionable selection of four top officials in a recent past conference which the article failed to give emphasis as expected.  


In conclusion, though the article was based on a wide scale of information gathered, it failed to assert majority of the opinions addressed. The progress of the party is pictured in the article without further technicalities of how those progresses would be achieved. Therefore, it proves to be viewed as mere dreaming of the party’s future expectations by its opponents.


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