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Officials selected on the basis of experience and expertise to help implement public policy and that hierarchical organization into specialized staff is what constitutes federal bureaucracy. This essay will look at some examples of the political role of the federal government bureaucracy and whether in their line of duty to implement federal policies they are involved in campaigning due to this bureaucracy.   

Political role of the federal bureaucracy

There has been a lot of concern about the political activities of public employees. The law of the land states that although it is the right of any federal employee to vote during elections, it is expected that they should not coerce any person to vote in either way. But during execution of their duties, federal employees find themselves implementing a federal government's agenda and it has been questioned whether they are just implementers or political actors.

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This can be argued from both sides; as they are implementing some important policy, this policy was created by the federal government. Therefore by implementing these policies they are at the same time being used as political actors although they are only meant to implement policies without partisan show or engaging in political circles. (Patterson T.).

Therefore, the federal employees perform political duties "unknowingly" in their line of duty to implement federal government policies. One author summarizes it and says, "The federal bureaucracy is actively engaged in politics and policymaking." Clearly, there is conflict and contention between the two. It is the federal government to choose who the federal employees are and again they yield immense powers although they serve people who did not elect them. . Through its authorization and funding powers, congress has influence on bureaucratic agencies and through various devices for holding bureaucrats accountable for their action. (Patterson T.).


Although meant to be non-partisan in executing their duties, federal employees find themselves in a fix as they at the same time implement political agendas. The federal employees are thus involved actively both in policy making and politicking at the same time.


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