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The Georgia Republican Party (GAGOP) is the only party known to elect republicans across United States through way of ballot. The party has ensured that its structural appearance is widely decentralised so as to cover most part of United States. The GAGOP structure consists of a chairman (Sue P. Everhart) who is the leader of all executive committee members. Under her there are several chairs including' national committee man and woman, first and second vice chairman, secretary and assistant secretary, treasurer, general counsel and finance chairman. Other than being head of executive committee members, the chairman is also head of state committee which has some position to that of its executive.

The GAGOP website does not really contain any kind of legal document but it has certain rules which every member of committee is expected to follow up to the later. These rules clearly indicate qualification required for one to participate in various party actions. Other than required qualification it contains organizational and structural representation of state committee. Every official duty is clearly stated within this document. Should there be need to remove a member from office several procedures have been listed on how to follow the removal process.

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GAGOP has delegates' rules and regulations which are used when electing different official within the parties. Date and time for the whole electoral process are set up and announced to all its members. Precincts are required to elect delegates who are supposed to attend country convection and then later elect officials. The precincts meetings are supposed to be held within specified geographical limits established by political divisions. These divisions may also decide on which officers will bring together the activities of these divisions at both precinct assembly time and other durations during the year (Georgia Republican Party, 12).

It is evident that Georgia Republican Party has organized its party both structurally and locally as defined in the Cherokee county. For instance the party has been involved in conducting grass root campaigns whereby all race are called together to reunite and work together as brothers. Georgia republic party has arranged a variety of meetings in Cherokee county, this events and meetings include; precincts mass meetings, county convention, president dinner convection, district convection and states convections. By holding these series of meetings and events the party is able to strengthen its association even in grassroots levels.

For anyone in interested in becoming of GAGOP he is expected to follow up the following steps; firstly he is expected to attend mass meetings, the party ensures it holds precincts meetings for all counties across in the state. In these meetings every delegate is issued with a form where he is expected to fill. The forms are then returned to the check in table where your photo and identification number is required. After about two weeks one will be issued out with credential indicating that you have been chosen to be a delegate in the specified county convention. It is then your duty to ensure you pay a certain fee which will be used to cover cost arising from the meeting expenses. GAGOP can be termed as that party whose main concern is to unite people from all races in the need to promote brotherhood in Georgia (Georgia Republican Party, 12).


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