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The growth of Federal Bureaucracy in the United States is considered to have given birth to today’s Corporate America. There are various ways, as illustrated through research and contemporary studies, through which growth in Federal Bureaucracy has promoted Corporate America in the long run. Noteworthy, in addition to the federal bureaucracy, there exist other regulations, which in general have influenced American business enterprise even more. This paper critically presents a broad discussion on how the government shaped corporate America from a wide point of view. Therefore, the basis of this discussion stems from the growth of the federal bureaucracy, which has vivid explanation behind the present landscape of today’s Corporate America, and proceeds to the formation of regulations that have had an enormous impact on the business enterprise of America.

Growth of Federal Bureaucracy: Current Landscape of Today's Corporate America

Several factors are held responsible for growth or the formation of Corporate America. According to study carried by Brooks (2010), it is evident that the federal bureaucracy has seen significant growth due to the increased support from the government of the United States. This growth in turn has brought both negative and positive impacts on the corporations, which significantly shaped the corporate America (Brooks, 2010). The formation of several different corporations, which are based on government reliance, has improved the manner in which clients acquire products or services.

In the world today, any given government plays several functions so as to make sure that living standards of its citizens are acceptable (International Monetary Fund, 2009). This comes through the adoption of necessary regulations that promote corporate enterprises and in this way enhance long lasting growth in several departments; for instance, business, finance, and economy, among others. This is an implication that the government of the United States has significantly been involved in the development of Corporate America through the federal bureaucracy (Sala-i-Martin, 2009). This can be clearly understood when taking a look at the federal bureaucracy, its growth, and the manner in which it has helped in the development of today’s Corporate America.

Several years ago, the government of the United States has been highly involved in the development of the economy through the creation of corporations. The development of these corporations has been achieved through the effort of the federal bureaucracy, which is still an agency of the government. Brooks (2010) states from an extensive viewpoint, the federal bureaucracy started with the three cabinet subdivisions, which were set up during the reign of President George Washington back in the year 1789. Ever since its establishment, not only have the figure of sections in the cabinet tripled, but there were added innumerable agencies, bureaus, authorities, government corporations, and managements that take care of the government's commerce (International Monetary Fund, 2009). To some extent, the establishment of the federal bureaucracy, under the support of the government, has up to now helped to shine the corporate America in the long run.

On a daily basis, each and every person in the United States makes use of products, which are designed and manufactured by main corporations founded following the growth of the federal bureaucracy (Sklar, 1988). Actually, there is no way to go around this aspect. Even if one wants to make use of only products offered by small independent corporations, it will be pretty hard as one will discover another mom-and-pop business that manufactures light bulbs, for example. According to governmental statistics, the government of the United States has established foremost corporations which are indispensable in keeping the economy of the nation thriving. This is in addition to satisfying the material requirements of billions of people internationally. Therefore, the growth of the federal bureaucracy has significantly helped to mark the corporate America at the moment (Sklar, 1988). The services and products offered and manufactured by corporations of America are considered as the most excellent in the global perception.

From historical background of the United States, government was established from the sweat and toil of diminutive businesses. It is worth to contemplate that many of those undersized businesses at that time grew into large corporations, and later enormous commercial entities, therefore marking the corporate America at large. In its implication, the so called corporate America was established by the government through the federal bureaucracy over several years ago as what we may refer to as the corporate America has relied on operation of business.

The subject of business is currently one of the most topical in the US. But when one speculates on this topic, they tend to forget that the government of the United States was largely made by the people to serve for the people (democracy); however, nowadays, the nation is more and more being ruled by corporations, which define the Corporate America (Sala-i-Martin, 2009). Such corporations have insidiously made their means into managing and influencing each and every single facet of the American lives. Unfortunately, majority of the Americans are not even aware of this situation.

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It is becoming more and more difficult for the small businesses to survive nowadays. This is based on the fact that if the service being offered or the product being sold for the small corporation has to be done, it must be through a recognized corporation. Corporate products and services more often than not are not nearly as qualitative and reliable as those offered by small businesses (International Monetary Fund, 2009). However, for the reason that corporations mass-manufacture them from inexpensive elements bought overseas, they can provide their products for much lower prices.

The increasing growth of the federal bureaucracy has marked significant changes in the manner in which things in the business are carried out (Sklar, 1988). For instance, over the last decade, the existing large corporations that sold their products in bulk only to businesses have started to sell directly to clients. This is a new approach which has been cutting out the middleman on the whole. Small businesses do not have a possibility to resell products for a gain if they have to purchase those products from the corporation at the same price as consumers, who can get them from the corporation directly. However, it is not just the small business that goes through suffering, also the consumers suffer when there is an emerging problem with the service being offered or product supplied in the market (Sala-i-Martin, 2009). In this way, the corporation does not provide the quality product support that a small business owner would offer.

Although the growth of the federal bureaucracy has helped to distinguish Corporate America from other nations in the global perspective due to the development of large corporations, which rely on several different economies of the world, still there exist some fundamental problems, especially in the event where consumers are not satisfied with what the large corporations provide to them (Sklar, 1988). To some extent, corporations in the United States pad the pockets of governmental officials; therefore, they can never represent the citizens who voted for them. In essence, politicians obey the people who pay them the most cash (Sklar, 1988). Corporations control the media as well: they choose what people should watch and listen. To a great extent, the government of the United States is responsible for establishing the federal bureaucracy that has competently and unconditionally led America to the so called Corporate America.

However, there are some corporations that still show signs of traditional American values and ideals by treating employees in the rightful manner. This is done through sharing profits with the people who generated them, maintaining jobs at home, contributing to home communities, and sticking to their commerce and not intervening in government operations. However, these corporations are becoming a thing of the past (Sklar, 1988). Essentially, America was created by the power and devotion of its people, but unfortunately, the determination of the people to shape the nation is somehow being replaced by the spirit of corporate America.

By being actively involved in its corporations, the government of the United States also eliminates all the minor corporations which do not promote the development of the nation as a whole, which is done through the introduction of regulations that have a considerable impact on the field of business (International Monetary Fund, 2009). It is, therefore, worth to contemplate how the participation of the government in the creation of corporations has helped to shape the landscape of corporate America.

Regulations that Have Impacted American Business Enterprise

Just like the establishment of governmental corporations in the United States, there are some regulations which help to shape the so called corporate America (Brooks, 2010). Such regulations go hand in hand with the terms of the federal bureaucracy; hence, they define and shape the business enterprise of the Americans. People manage businesses with the aim of making gain in the shortest time possible. According to the business related research, entrepreneurs are business-oriented and dream of making the greatest profits from their investments (Brooks, 2010). Several different entrepreneurs will venture into diverse businesses depending on several aspects: amount of capital to be invested, location, availability of a ready market, possibility of business growth, and risk rates. Before investing, however, one should consider some regulations found within the frame work of that environment.

In the American business enterprise, there are some fundamental regulations that have a bigger impact. Such regulations are accounted for managing corporations and controlling the economy through implementation of policies. These policies favor the will of citizens and enhance the overall development through the introduction of corporations controlled by the government (Brooks, 2010). The availability of such regulations, which have greater impacts on the business enterprise in the United States, has significantly helped the economy to remain stable.

The American business enterprise is established on a number of regulations, which serve as the cornerstones for enhancing sufficient productivity (Brooks, 2010). Essentially, there are more than a few different regulations that exist in the business enterprise realm of the United States. However, the most influential regulations are government based, and so they enhance equality in terms of production, allocation of resources, and involvement in the nation’ economy expansion.

So as to ensure that corporations play their part as expected, the regulations are given the first priority in the government of the United States (Sala-i-Martin, 2009). Such regulations are based on strict policies, which adhere to the fundamental laws of business enterprise in order to guarantee that all aspects of business are accomplished within the shortest time possible. These regulations are changed continually so as to match with the current speedy pace of technology, which keeps on changing every day. Impacts of these regulations are mostly positive as they control the manner in which business activities are done within the government of the United States. Some of the regulations that do not promote business positively are being replaced with new strict regulations in order to guarantee a continued flow of business activities within the scope of the nation (International Monetary Fund, 2009).

As compared to other nations, the regulations established in the business enterprise of the United States are much improved and stricter to some extent. This has given room for new opportunities, due to which the business operation of the country significantly varies from those of other nations. Besides, the regulations have maintained the manner in which the set up corporations by the government under the federal bureaucracy operate (International Monetary Fund, 2009). This in turn has increased the accumulation of profits, given that the implementation of regulations in the business realm has helped to maintain security in terms of exchange and trading.

Brooks (2010) affirms that there are still few corporations in America that demonstrate traditional American ethics and ideals by treating their employees fairly. However, such corporations are fast fading. It is essential to note that America was created through the strength and the willpower of its people. Nonetheless, the will of people who fought to shape America is being displaced by the will of corporate America. This has posed many challenges for small entrepreneurs. However, the  governnment of the United States has shaped corporate America through the introduction of strict policies in the field of business (International Monetary Fund, 2009). This is in addition to coming up with government based corporations, which have tremendously helped in enhancing the rapid growth of the nation’s economy. Through working together with other nations, the government of United States has been competent to develop a corporate America. This is through gaining new business skills and adoption of improved technologies towards promoting business.


Thus, it is quite clear that the growth of Federal Bureaucracy in the United States has given rise to what is commonly referred to as Corporate America. As we have seen through the research, there are several ways through which the growth in Federal Bureaucracy has promoted Corporate America till the present day. Besides, the regulations set up by the United States government have also a great impact on the American business enterprise. Such regulations ensure that businesses are operated with respect to the common rules and laws established in the country. The presence of regulations in the business enterprise of the United States has helped to promote the economy of the nation in the long run.


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