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This paper discusses Mahatma Gandhi’s two quotes namely ‘you must not lose hope in humanity’ and ‘freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err’. The quotes were uttered by Mahatma Gandhi to give hope and encouragement to the people during difficult times. Mahatma Gandhi stressed on the importance of provision of freedom to all and need of humanity in the human race. Freedom of expression, association and movement are important to an individual to enable his or her rights are protected. Freedom enhances personal choice and liberty while humanity enabled a peaceful society.  Humanity is vital in the society to enhance the good will power of the people is used. To enhance that humanity and freedom of the people is observed and protected; the Non-governmental organization can help implement the policies. Non-governmental organizations can help fight for the rights of the prisoners of conscience by negotiating with the government to be released. To enable humanity in the world is sustained; these organizations can provide essentials goods and services to the people affected by different calamities. The quotes are discussed in relation to a critical context consideration in reference to a Non-government organization that focuses on the rights and freedom of prisoners of conscience in the world.


 According to Mahatma Gandhi, he would not understand how people who were humane and understanding would enjoy denying others their rights. He addressed and advocated for personal, political tolerance, religious liberty, autonomy and independence of a human being to engage in any legal activity of his choice. Mahatma Gandhi believed it was important for one to be granted freedom. He emphasized that lack of one’s freedom was a grudging offence to the person. It limited one’s way of thinking, movement and ability to form one’s opinions and choices.

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Non governmental organization for example Freedom now (FAQs), Intellectual freedom and human rights organization (IFLA), Amnesty international and UNHCR have being formed to protect  the rights and freedom of prisoners of conscience. Freedom in the society is important as it protects the human rights of the people and the society as a whole. The non government organizations are important as they advocate for freedom of prisoners of conscience to be released and to recommence on the imperative work of improving the human rights conditions in the co

The Non-governmental organizations like FAQs continue to campaign and fulfill the conscience ideas of Mahatma Gandhi. Its objective is to reduce the political proclivity of arresting its critics and abusing the country’s citizens’ human rights to reinforce its dubious rule of law. The Non-governmental organizations objectives are to promote freedom of movement, belief, expression, association, right to actively participate in government and safeguarding of human rights of the prisoners of conscience.

In reference to Mahatma Gandhi second quote of discussion “humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”. The quote was used to refer and contrast the awful and good people. In Mahatma Gandhi’s view, the people should not view the world as a horrible place to live in. He argued that even though the bad people really make atrocious crimes against humankind, the people should use the good part of the worldly things and promote the faith of humanity. Non-governmental organizations have being formed to aid in promoting humanity.

Non government organizations like the Architecture for humanity play important roles to help reduce the effects of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and man-made calamities like Wars. The organizations aid the affected communities with essentials like medical care, shelters for the homeless and skillful man power needed to help the devastated society. Enhancement of humanity will enable protection of human rights and prosperity of mankind. The Non government organization will enable and promote humanity. Humanity enables the people to be decisive and imaginative hence people are able to predict and avoid calamities that erode our morals and values.

The organization aids, protect the rights and freedom of prisoners of conscience by educating the governments and the prisoners to understand each other. Through the work of Non government organizations like habitat for humanity international, we learn, appreciate others, learn different culture and understand others hence promoting humanity. Humanity will result to rise of transparency in the future. Humanistic truth and facts enables us to understand our similarities, creating a sense of appreciation to all and conflicts are avoided.


The paper has discussed Mahatma Gandhi two quotes “you must not lose hope in humanity” and “freedom is not worth having if it does not connate freedom to err”. In relation to the quotes, a critical consideration in reference to non government organizations that focuses on the rights and freedom of prisoners of conscience in the world is analyzed.


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