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American people represent to the rest of the globe the meaning of the word the true, free and purely democratic world with the best possible and articulated policies. However the question remains whether these policies do in reality address the pressing concerns of American people? Political decision and Public Policy making is an evolving process wherein theories, concepts, ever-changing models etc. join hands to derive a mutually beneficial and solution providing approach in form of a policy for the betterment of masses.This process involves logic and rationale as deemed appropriate by those lawmakers who the masses chose to handle the same. However it is not always the pure logic or rational thinking that leads the way because there are times when the authority of choice between alternatives is explored to provide the solution based on: "a group, organization or community which has a public interest; pervasive influence; the importance of cooperation over competition; loyalty; a system of information which is incomplete, strategic and interpretive; the laws of passion" (Stone, p8). But the question remains that a policy process being driven by goals of equity, efficiency, security & liberty (Stone, p37) might be faced with a personalized influence of those who are making the rational choice on behalf of the American people and in turn imposing the same on the public. The goals may be conflicting and subjective and each might have a rational support from a different quarter but is the counter-argument good enough to challenge the rational with a stronger view of actual public interest as the driving force at the helm and vice versa? In a policy debate which is intended for the betterment of masses nothing is irrefutable and that is why maximum support should be mandated vide employing symbols, numbers, causes, interests etc. (Stone, p133).

Policy making is to address an issue and just as resolution is important so is the actual problem identification (Birkland, p7). That is where an actual synthesis comes in wherein problem has to be broken up into pieces from an analytics perspective and key areas which need attention are to be identified. Subsequently vide accessibility and presence of important thoughts as the main driver emphasis is given to the solution being sought which has to be in line with what the masses need and the acceptability factor has to be given due importance which focuses on policy acceptance and makes the whole process work. Without consensus nothing works and masses have to accept what is being compiled and those who are compiling have to seek the solution as people would want it (Stone, p261).

A rational policy proposal would aim to address maximum achievement of set goals and hence seeks a perfect answer for a question that could have been possibly misconceived in the first place and may be governed by a whole new set of rules, facts, rights, powers etc. But what is assumed to be an extremely subjective process (Stone, p262) does it not altogether ignore the actual needs and concerns of the masses if the actual analysis and process of synthesis and resolution coming forthwith although conceived with best possible notion misses the actual need of the American people? (Birkland, p72). Policies are bound by limitations (Stone, p 231) and yet aim to achieve a wholly conclusive resolution with a view of many years which incidentally translates or has the potential to translate into irony. Even a more humane approach would have to rely on logic and rational (Stone, p256) and since there would be multiple interpretations at each level it can actually result in a paradox.Assumptions run high and there is little room for assumptions to be wrong just like in an economic model. And since Capitalist model applies best to the economy of American people it would be best to suggest that their policy making should be working on similar lines wherein room for assumptions is there at all times but the factors driving those assumptions have to be synchronized with the heart of the problem so as to ensure that interests of the majority are entertained for the better and bigger good (Birkland, p109).Policy making is a complete end to end task and is the epicenter and the jugular vein of any nation which makes it all the more important for the process to be complete and holistic. American people do not need a paradox but they need a public policy which guides and supports them. Having their problems identified is one thing and having the resolutions implemented is a different time consuming exercise altogether. The policy has to be made in totality rather than in isolation and people need the humane and rational elements to be utilized for maximum utility. Apparently that is not always the case and even where the identification is correct, synthesis or desired resolution misses the requisite mark as suggested or more importantly as sought by the American people. That is simply because although the system is available the utility of the same is subject to mass inculcation of the process of re-affirming and gathering the details of actual need of the masses though the masses. But in this day and age with a quick paced life the American people choose to leave this to the best and chosen few leaders and technocrats. In turn those who are endowed with the process of making the policies to govern the American people and to assist in their issues at times fail to reach the very essence due to the prevalent gap (Birkland, p33).

In totality the most pressing concerns of the American people are same for the general masses are analyzed correctly because of the influence of both logical and humane elements. The resolution is a time consuming process and as it true for most American diversities the implementations do support the masses. However every such move leaves a certain portion and certain percentage of problems pertaining to American people which do end up as unaddressed.The time has come for the people to start pushing for consideration of the interests of masses and increasing their involvement with regards to their actual wants. The day the policy makes start working with the notion that rational or human, opinionated or mass consensus, individual or masses, goals or solutions, problems or resolutions are all to be considered without the remotest possibility of resulting in a paradox surrounding Policy Making bulk of the remaining minority of pressing issue of American people will stand resolved in no time.


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