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Public policy is an effort by a government to establish laws, actions, and decisions relevant to the public issues. Public policies can address crime, health issues, terrorism, social welfare, and education etc. There are three steps that are followed to come up with a public policy. These are establishing the new agenda, inventing new options, and accomplishment. Implementation of a new policy may take days, weeks or even years. Implementation depends on the situation at hand. Public policies can also be formulated by religious leaders or cultural groups. There are three important things involved when a new public policy comes into place. They are the issue, the people coming up with the public policy, and the policy (Peter 23).

Formulated public policy becomes open to interpretation. The player or the people involved in formulating the policy then follow through all suggestions made by the last policy. Formulation of a public policy is, however, a biased subject. This is because the options in the public policy are usually limited to the ideas of people coming up with the public policy. However, public policy is a fundamental tool in looking at social concerns. Public policy largely entails decisions made by the government and procedures it analyzes emerging issues.  The constitution, legislation, and judiciary absorb a new policy that has been formulated (Peter 34).

Public policy area

A public policy area entails the issues or problems being covered with a public policy. A public policy area comes into being after issues arise. The relevant bodies are then notified of these emergent issues and work on formulating a public policy. Public policy areas are many e.g. crime, terrorism, education, abortion, and health. For example, abortion involves obliteration of pregnancy. Abortion became an emerging issue in the USA after the church brought up the matter to the governments. Abortion is a murder since it involves killing of the fetus. Abortion is legal in cases when only the mother’s life is in the utmost danger (Stephen 23).

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The public policies in the case of abortion detail that the government should not fund any abortion unless in special circumstances, e.g. when the mother’s life is in danger, in cases of rape and illness. The public policy on abortion also prohibits safe abortion measures. The public policy specifies a fetus as a person who has a right to life (Stephen 44). These public policies on abortion can be changed in a tangible way. Abortion can be made legal in cases when a mother finds that she is not capable of rearing a child or looking after a child. Abortion can be prohibited in cases of incest. It is possible to limit abortion to special government hospitals or clinics and forbid the work of abhorrent private hospitals. The policy could provide a right of teenagers to abort in special circumstances such as rape, when the mother’s life is in danger, she is ill or experiencing some serious injuries that can lead to abortion. It is reasonable to prohibit abortions to persons who have aborted before.

The suggested improvements of public policies on abortion would affect the goals of abortion. The main goal of abortion is to end a pregnancy by killing the fetus. Other goals include saving the mother and avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Prohibition of abortion in cases of incest would be controversial considering that not everyone would wish to give birth to a child that belongs to whom they are closely related. They should be ready to face the consequences that arise from their ignorance. Legalization of abortion due to rape is essential because rape is a painful experience and hence not everyone would wish to keep such a pregnancy. Another controversial issue of the public policy on abortion would be allowing a mother to abort if she cannot look after the new-born child after birth. Allowing an abortion in such cases would be controversial since many would find it as ignorance and disrespect to human life. However, there is no point of giving birth to a child after whom one cannot look. Social welfare and child care departments will take a child into government custody if one cannot be able to support the child. This would increase government expenditure. (Stephen 49).

Abolition of abortion in private hospitals and clinics would help in ensuring that only government hospitals can carry out abortion. This is because of increasing rates of rogue’s accidents. Rogues would break the law and quit adhering to the public policies on abortion for the sake of money. Legalization of abortion in government hospitals would also be paramount in keeping a record of abortion cases. Abolition of abortion that is made the second time would also be controversial. Women had been given a first and last chance when they aborted for the first time. If the reasons to abort during the first and second time were to save the life of a mother, it would be good to save the life of the fetus the second time (Stephen 55).

The new policies would undermine security and liberty. They would affect security by undermining the life of a mother in cases of danger. The life of a mother in this case is a security issue. Her life has to be protected and keeping the fetus. The policies would also affect the liberty of involved people. Legalization of abortion in specific hospitals violates the liberty of persons who want to abort. The policies negatively affect a mother’s right to life. The policies affect the freedom of choice which entails liberty (Peter 66).

The stated policies would affect the goals of abortion. It would be necessary to come up with other policies that will help in compensation of these damaged goals. The government could  keep in custody children who were born after their mothers’ death during pregnancy. The government would also keep children born out of incest and who are unwelcome in their families. These two issues of policy would make sure that there is adequate compensation for damage of any of the goals of abortion. These would show respect to life when dealing with the unborn children (Peter 88).

There are three stages in the development of a public policy establishment of the new issues, inventing options, and finally implementing the new options. Implementation of the new policies also involves presenting the policies to the public for scrutiny. The public in most cases are the greatest determiners when it comes to implementation of new public policies. This is because the policies govern them (Peter 43). The proposed issues of improved policy would convince to accept it. I would explain to the public the importance of human life and respect by protecting the unborn. I would also involve the church to advocate my policies to the public. Church holds the utmost belief on the importance of human life. It would help in convincing the public.


Public policies are of paramount importance to everyone. They help in addressing new issues that arise. They also help in solving these issues. Abortion is one good example of a public policy area. It is an issue that has led to heated debates and court cases. The formulated policies help in addressing the issue of abortion. It gives a clear outline on how to go about when handling the issue of abortion. Public policies are the mechanisms to implement government decisions or solutions to public issues. There are three important things involved when a new public policy comes into place. They are the issue, the people coming up with the public policy, and the policy.


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