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President Reagan gave military and financial support to the contras despite their connection with drugs and their complete disregard of the human rights. The only thing that the group achieved was leaving a trail of dead bodies, killing innocent civilians as they hardly ever fought the Sandinista military. The contras failed in their mission to stop the flow of arms to El Salvador, and on failing, they started to pester the government with raids causing chaos affecting both the economy and society.

Thousands of innocent civilian were killed by the contras in Nicaragua. They were guilty of raping women, killing of children and other civilians seized, torture, kidnapping, targeting and attacking health centers and assassination of the workers. The contras were ruthless and caused a lot of bloodshed.

A powerful guerilla force was amassed in El Salvador. There were 15,000 members, who majority was peasants, who rose against the oppression of the militias. This war left 70,000 people dead. The guerillas force was out to kill soldiers, and they did not massacre, as the military did. The US gave material support to the contras. They did not have any regard for human life. They did not care about age or gender. Their callousness and cruelty made them do heinous crimes like craving babies out of their mother’s womb and shooting or stabbing the dying fetus and the mother. There were many other smaller massacres in Latin America, but this one was the worst of all. 900 people died in December 1981and the US military was behind the perpetrators.

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When the US congress disapproved the funding of the contras, president Reagan was determined to find another was to do it, and he indeed found during the Iran revolution in. the US backed Shah of Iran, and he was ousted by Shi’ite fundamentalists. During the reign, there was server violation and disregard of human rights like cases of murder and torture, all supported by the US. After the revolution, United States embassy was seized, and some American hostages were never released. This was the beginning of many more abductions of Americans in Iran. This clearly put the Americans at risk. Weapons were sold to Iran by the US, which was fighting with Iraq, in exchange for the hostages and the proceeds went to buy weapons for the contras. The war between Iran and Iraq cost 1millon lives or more.

When the contras needed funds, the Nicaraguans helped in raising them, but they were also involved in drug dealing in some of the states of the US. During the period, crack, a new form of cocaine began to have enormous sales. Insecurity level grew as gangs were meant and thousands consequently died each year. There were many reported killings, gang violence and overdoses. Plug profits went directly to the contras.

The contras caused more damage than good. They are responsible for the loss of millions of lives that were lost during the war. It is through their funding that they caused an increase of insecurity in the states due to formation the gangs. They were responsible for 95%of the claims during the 1993, UN truth commission. In my opinion, the freedom they claimed to be fighting for came with a terribly high price, and this ought to have not been the case. In some instances, we see that they did not quite achieve their purpose and were even defeated in another.


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