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This article talks about the milestones, Paul Ryan, a republican member, has achieved in the politics of the United States. These milestones were well portrayed by Jonathan Weisman in the New York Times publication on April 29 2012.

The author portrays Ryan as a humble family man married to Janna Little, coming from a very humble background and rising through the political ranks. Ryan likes working out and hunts for fun. He is an exceptionally prominent policy maker in the Republican Party. As part of his roles, Ryan has seen to it that income tax rates are minimized, there is a cut down in Medicare and reduced domestic federal spending. Controversies surrounding him are also analyzed.

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Ryan is portrayed as a perfect financial planner; his policies on taxes, food, Medicare and government spending are seen to bear positive fruit. He is a very relevant politician currently; viewed as one of the 2012 vice presidential nominee; this is due to the fact that his proposals on future planning have been seen as very effective. Inside the Republican Party, he has built a name for himself as a potential presidential candidate. He started from a humble non political family, his father dying of a heart attack; he is not discouraged in life but rather serves as acceleration to the development of his life.

The author, however, fails to convince the reader that Ryan is such a radical political figure in the politics of the United States. The author only analyzes Ryan’s hardworking in office but does not portray him as a vocal politician a quality that presidential candidates should posses. The claims by the author are not strongly supported and a reader is left in suspense on what truly is the true situation in the political cycle.

The title of the article can also be stated as “Ryan’s milestones in the politics of the United States” it talks about the life of Ryan from his childhood to his current achievements in politics. He is a force to reckon with in politics of the United States.


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