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In summary, the September 11 attack in the America impacted many changes, which had never happened before, in the United States. That is why United States declared a war on terror invading Afghanistan and Iraq for their hostage of Islamist group, al-Qaeda. The attack affected the US economy since the declaration of the war on terror meant that, they were to spend more on military aid despite their loss of people and wealth at home. The attack also caused the air pollution from toxic debris causes illness to the residents.

September 11, 2001, was a date in American history and the whole world, remembered since it brought the United States into the terror age. On this day, there were four different coordinated suicides in New York and Washington DC. Al Qaeda hijacked Four passenger jets on that very morning by terrorists from the al-Qaeda which is an Islamist militant group. The hijackers flew two of the planes towards the South and North towers of World Trade Center which was among the biggest complex in New York City. They collapsed the building within two hours, leading to the collapse of other buildings surrounding the complex. Another plane was intentionally crashed into the Pentagon in Virginia while the other one crashed into the field near Shanksville after its passengers wanted to control the jet from the hijackers. The incident left over three thousand people dead including nineteen hijackers.

This paper, therefore, discusses how September 11 events affected and changed the America at large in terms of the economy, culture and mostly the environment.

Most Americans considered terrorism efforts as a nuisance and primarily contained in the Middle East. They thought they were safe and so they would not suffer any terorista ttacks. The collapse of World Trade Center towers, the burn of Pentagon, and disintegration of a jetliner in Pennsylvania was a start of change in American history. All Muslims became suspects of terrorism. Every American had fears to visit the Middle East countries apart from Israel which was a true ally of United States. This is because Israel is viewed by many Christians as a focal point of God’s dealings with the world. That is why America continues to enjoy vacation and religious privileges in Israel. Also, offering support to the government of Israel especially militarily.

Al-Qaeda had been planning for the September 11 attack group since 1998 when they had again bombed an African state. The support of Israel by the United States was among the cause for the attack. Also, the presence of the U.S troops in the Saudi Arabian soil also creates the motives of the attack. The Islamists also sought the sanctions against Iraq to be lifted.

As a response to attack, the United States security organs and other allies launched the war on terrorism and invaded Afghanistan to dispose the Taliban which mostly harbor the Al-Qaeda militants. Many countries also denounced the attack by strengthening their laws on anti-terrorism whilst expanding the powers to enforce the laws.

There were many outcomes that occurred after September 11 attack. At first, the incident affected the environment since every body in the world was at fear in American assets. This is because, in 1998, the attack to the American Embassy left hundreds dead, and the nearby building collapsed.  Moreover, in September 11, 2001, it has happened again and more daring at American soil. The US government responded promptly to save the fear in the world. It declared war on terror.

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The environment changed especially for the Muslims. Numerous incidents of hate crimes and harassments against South Asians and Muslim came into the light after the September 11 attacks. There were also attacks on religious buildings especially mosques and people suffered assault and many other injustices. According to Thayil (2001), there was reporting of many cases of vandalism, shootings, harassment, threats, arson and assault. Government agencies also documented the reports during the first week, after the September attack. The situation underwent rectification after the Muslim organizations in the United States swiftly condemned the attack of September 11. The organizations further offered themselves in helping the affected people and their families through donations, launched blood drives and provision of shelter, food and medical assistance to the victims.

The reaction of the international community showed evidence of how the attack was effective globally. Many and governments and media denounced the attacks to show support and solidarity to the Americans. Many leaders in Middle East countries condemned the attacks with the exception of Iraq who gave an official statement stating that the Americans are reaping their fruits. Many countries froze many bank accounts suspected to be having the al-Qaeda links. Many Afghanistan people fled to Pakistan for fear of response by United States. This prompted Pakistan to close their border with Afghanistan since they had already hosted many refugees due to the previous conflicts in Afghanistan.

The September 11 attack also had an impact on the economic status in the United States of America and the global market. According Makinen (2002), the stock exchanges remained closed until September 17. This left the stock market exchange with a loss of $1.4 trillion in the week’s valuation (Bob, 2001). Also, the attack affected the economy’s export sector of New York City cutting down more than four hundred thousand jobs leading to a decline of city’s GDP by $27.3 billion for the last three months of year 2001. In response to control this environment, the US government provided immediate assistance to the New York City government for economic developments and needs of infrastructure (Makinen, 2002).

The attack left many small businesses near the World Trade Center destroyed and displaced resulting to loss of jobs and the loss of wages they get from their businesses. To stabilize this problem, a lot of assistance came from Small Business Administration by offering loans, Grants from Community development Block of Federal government and also loans from Economic Injury Disaster. All these organizations allied themselves to assist the affected business people restructure again to their normal routine (Parrott, 2002).

According to Bhadra and Texter (2004), the attack also led to the closure of the North American air space for some days. This caused a decrease in air travel capacity causing the financial problems to the U.S airline industries.

Gates (2006) also explains the effects caused after the September 11 attacks. In the article, the attack caused more health problems to erupt on the people living in the area. This is because, after the attack of the Twin Towers, thousands of toxic debris spread across Lower Manhattan. The toxins’ exposure in the debris contributed to the fatal illnesses to the people who were on the ground. The health effects also extended to workers of Lower Manhattan and the Chinatown, also to students and residents. Many deaths occurred as a result of   the toxic dust leading to the victims’ names being identified in World Trade Center memorial. The health issue led the then, President Bush’ s government to order the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a detailed statement on the quality of the air.

An act of Health and Compensation was later signed into law by President Obama. The creation of World Trade Center Health program came to provide treatment and testing to people. These were the people suffering from the health problems related to September 11 attacks. The brains behind this project wanted to reduce cases mostly filed in court seeking compensation to the victims since they would receive assistance to cater for their health.

The September 11 attack had also cultural impacts since it was beyond the State’s politics but affects the whole society. The immediate response was mostly focusing on the family life that people started extending their time with their families, and the church experienced higher attendance. There was also an increase in expressions to show patriotism e.g. flying of the flags. This justified the change in the culture of the American people. The government objected some of the songs that were playing in the radio industry. The artists changed their thematic narrative and background elements in literature and filming scenarios as they borrow the mentality of the attack. There were also different programs running in televisions which reflect the September 11 attack and the cultural concerns. According to Quay and Damico (2010), there are many theories on September 11 attack which are social phenomena although experts and historians do not offer the negligible support towards its improvement.

There was an establishment of different memorial sites which are to remember the day and remembrance of many people who were the victim of the attack. These memorial sites haven changed the culture of the American people as every year they held an anniversary which countries mark everywhere in the world.

In order to replace the functionality of the damaged buildings, the government of US has built other buildings to stabilize the economic level as had been before the attack. As Taylor (2001), quotes the mayor of the New York City one day after the attack that they will build the city, stronger either economically or politically than before. Stating that the skyline will be whole as it was again.

In conclusion, the September 11 attack was a historic day to the Americans and to the world which aroused interests for all governments to set the anti-terrorism laws. These laws were to protect their civilians from such attack as occurred in America. They united the whole world to green against terrorism to prevent such acts of polluting the world’s environment. The people also changed their culture dramatically. The life changes for many people in America. It also changed many people’s lives in Afghanistan opting them to change their culture to avoid the attacks by American forces. Terrorists also targeted sheiks in America for their turbans; they had to change at some point. Muslims had to adapt on the hostile environment by acting fast to show brotherhood. Also, many people started going to church to thanks God for their lives, many received salvation.


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