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Social science has the task to analyze the society changes and rapid transformation of territories since the time of collapse of communism in Central Europe. These changes have affected the geopolitical map of the Europe which has lead to reorientation of the movements leading to new territorial dynamics. These changes have touched the relationship among the different ethnic groups. However the emergence of EU has been proved helpful to resolve these territorial issues in Europe.

There are social tensions arising from the changing articulation among the market, community organization, state and family. These arising factors have caused the key changes in European societies. The new threshold has been shown which involves concentration of population, social, cultural and political powers in more than 400 urbanized territories of Europe. Political boundaries exist in Europe which shows the evolutionary processes. It is seen that no political map is perpetual as the events in 1990 have occurred.

No state can exist without the territory and resources make the shape of the state. In Western Europe, demarcation of states has resulted in the political development during the last three centuries. After the Second World War important territorial changes have occurred in Eastern Europe for example Poland was transferred towards the East. Poland got back the territories form the German behind the Oder Neisse Line. The Cold War froze the border changes; Italy claimed the territories from the Istria and Slovenia. Former Yugoslavia had seen the strongest conflicts. Territorial disputes and claims are the extreme subjects of rights in Eastern Europe. Many disputes have been noticed in a sense that states protest against the territorial changes for the benefits of foreign nations.

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The post-communist Europe also faced the disputes and claims. Republic Party of Czechoslovakia declared the claim for the re-annexation of Carpathian Ukraine to Czechoslovakia. However claiming state has no borders with the state to be claimed. Most of the states in Europe have no connection with territorial re-ordering. Extreme forces occupy the states and only in a few states governmental bodies are involved in the activities of extreme rights. These tense situations have not only impacted domestic politics, regional security and international relations but also the entire Europe economy. There is a traditional rule that your enemy exists in your neighbor and neighbor of yours neighbor is your partner.

The EU has major aims to keep the territory more secure and performs its role to prevent the territory and border issues in European States. Foreign ministers of the states have welcomed the decision to make the stability and peace in Europe. EU is in position to play its role in the face of crisis to tackle the territory and regional issues. EU has taken many tasks like rescue tasks, humanitarian and combating those forces which may get into crisis. EU has stepped further to strengthen the post Soviet space and rich resources. It has expanded its influence over the states gained access to make the more normative orientation of politics. European Union has influenced the integration or merger of states to enhance their impacts.

The Euro-Atlantic form of Georgia and Ukraine; insistence of Bulgaria and Romania towards the regional initiatives of EU and partners are the hallmark of the European Union. In this way the EU has its goal to accelerate the political association, cultural harmony and integration among the European countries. It has also established the ways to make good relations with other economical partners. For this purpose EU has established a multinational framework for the good governance, energy security and more contact of nations in political and economic elites.


In this paper we have discussed the disputes and tensions existing into the region of Europe. The main disputes of territories and space of Europe are presented with the past examples and their social, economic and cultural impacts on the states involved in those disputes. The role of the European Union to settle these disputes with key reforms and policies to stabilize the peace is also included in this paper. EU has not only sided with its countries but also their economic partners in the region. The paper in concern has also focused upon the economical and social


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