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Without any doubt, the role of the politics is very vital, while it amends and preserves the general rules under which the society lives. Moreover, politics indicates the direction of the country, its cooperation and relationships with other countries, and the course to the globalization. Moreover, politics may include diversity, conflicts, war, but also willingness and desire to act and cooperate collectively with the establishment of the united society. We as a young generation are proud of the American politics, while America is a land where democratic liberty stands on the first place. It is a country where the opinions of citizens are always heard. It is a place where bestowing of legitimacy is a part and parcel of Government work. Undoubtedly, it is not just a random process. The politicians and the nation have achieved it together. Owing to our successful politics, our country has put law into practice. We have accomplished a complete equality of rights. Furthermore, nowhere in the world can one observe such a big variety of possibilities as Americans have. Every citizen has a guaranteed right to work, to choose, to get high-qualified education, to speak, to open his or her own business, regardless of what gender they belong to, what they believe in, what color of skin they have, or where they come from. Additionally, our wise politicians have instilled respect in every immigrant. Implicitly, there is no place on Earth where the person can find such respect for human dignity as in the USA. The vivid example of the above mentioned point is eBay run by French-born Iranian native Piere Omidyar. Another remarkable instance is Ronald Reagan, who was born in a poor village of Tampico in the Midwest and became the 40th President of the USA. Consequently, our nation has fostered the rule of law and has created a framework of fair rules. Americans do not humiliate the dignity of our nation. Equality has permeated the fabric of our lives. We as a young generation are proud that we are Americans.

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Let us take an odyssey to our achievements in the current year and reconsider what our politicians have done in order to bring Americans to the peak of development amid other nationalities. First of all, our successful political strategy has precipitated a new affordable health insurance for everyone. Meantime, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act were enacted. We should also admit that on signing this treaty we will protect more than 33 million of Americans who have no insurance. Secondly, a bill of Wall Street Reform was approved. The distinctive pattern of this Reform is the total renewal of financial sector and analysis of the most appalling conditions since the Great Depression. Thirdly, the goals with the war in Iraq have been accomplished. Our government has taken control of this intricate situation. The Heads of State and Government, always care for the urgent needs of the countrymen. Furthermore, the leader of terroristic organization al-Qaeda was decisively obliterated in May 2, 2011. Additionally, with the invaluable from the Heads of State and Government, the course towards promoting our image amid other nationalities has been taken. According to statistics, the approval ratings for American nation’s policy have increased up to 27 percent. To counterbalance it, in 2006 it was only 20 %. Moreover, the situation on educational ground was considerably improved. For example, five billions of dollars have been donated to educational programs and different grants. It is necessary to mention that our politicians clearly understand that the success of the United States of America depends on future generation. They have decided to create a prosperous background for the children and have invested money into the youth. For instance, the enrolment of the students has significantly increased from 1 000 000in 2001 comparing to 8 000000 in 2010. And this rate is changing to the upper level annually. The Government has signed a new agreement that supports veterans. Approximately eight billions of dollars were put into the Veterans Affairs budget.

It is generally true that every political program has its own failures. However, our politicians have done what they could in safeguarding the legal protection for our nation, its development, and good conditions of life. In 2012 the 57th presidential election was majorly concentrated between two parties: Democrats and Republicans. The nominee from the democrat was President Barack Obama and the nominee, Obama’s challenger was Mitt Ramney. This election did not only demonstrate different political strategies, but also the media struggle. These candidates made a list of issues that should be taken into account by the future President. The first issue that should be solved is reduction the taxes. Both of the candidates for the presidential chair agree on the fundamental reestablishment of the federal taxes: to fix a tax system with lower rates. However, they argue about if the new tax reform should grow the government incomes in order to reduce the federal deficit. For example, the President Obama supports the Bush-era tax cuts for people who earn more than 250000 annually. His tax reform was done in order to satisfy the lower classes of the society. However, Bush did not specify the rate of deductions for the middle class. On the contrary to Bush’s tax plan, Romney was more exact in his strategic plan. For instance, he pointed out the reduction rate from 35% to 28%. Moreover, he would abolish the Alternative Minimum Tax. The second issue that was taken into account by the candidates was the energy problem. The President Obama and Romney suggest that their plans are focused on the broadening of the conventional fuels. Thus, they have different strategies how to achieve their goals. Mr. Obama pays attention more to renewable energy and he promised that by 2035 the American electricity production will base their plants on “efficient natural gas” and “clean coal”. To counterbalance it, Mr. Romney suggests that his politics will direct the American society into new era, in which the USA will become the biggest country with the powerful energy recourses. Furthermore, he promised to create 11 million workplaces and to give 600000 billion to the oil exploration.

Undoubtedly, in order to solve the above mentioned issues, the President should perform his main duties: to be a Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Legislator, Chief Diplomat, and Commander in Chiefs. As a Chief of State, the President should go to great lengths in order to keep up the pace and to enforce the federal law. Moreover, as a Chief Executive, he should spread the application of law. Additionally, as a Chief Legislator, the President should control and establish the legitimate act in the society. Furthermore, as a Chief Diplomat, the President should defend the nation from any threats, internal or external. Finally, as a Commander in Chiefs, he should control American military forces.

All in all, the politicians of the USA should play a crucial role in the process of setting new politics. The Heads of State and Government, should provide good conditions for healthcare system, development of economy, national borders, education and acceptance of reforms that facilitate future progress.


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